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  1. RobertS

    Hi.. Hello... Mod Request

    Thanks a lot...
  2. RobertS

    Hi.. Hello... Mod Request

    hello requesting again.. im adding up some... shinja in the dragon 30% stronger.. and Nightvol in the lotus 40% stronger.. and lower the attack power of kenji the peasant look like just a little bit and make him with higher health and stamina(superB).. and training a peasant in royal academy instead of guardian it's ronin 10% stronger with a high health but consumes with the rice of 500 and a water of 500 too... Thanks...
  3. RobertS

    Hi.. Hello... Mod Request

    Thanks your the best..
  4. This would be great... Hope they make the graphics better...
  5. RobertS

    Hi.. Hello... Mod Request

    Oh hi can i request again gregor8356? can you put kenji the serpent one in the serpent about 30% stronger... Thanks a lot...
  6. RobertS

    Br Mod Selections

    I would like to see new characters... and maybe changes the graphics..
  7. RobertS

    Hi.. Hello... Mod Request

    Thanks a lot... It was great...
  8. RobertS

    Hi.. Hello... Mod Request

    Thanks men... It was great.... Can you make Zymeth and grayback a little stronger? 30% stronger for zymeth and 40% for grayback... and also 30% stronger for the serpent strongest hero.. I don't know who was it... Thanks a lot again....
  9. Hi everyone new here... Can i request a mod? Adding Kenji the peasant like and make him stronger difficult to defeat with high stamina and high attack power? You can replace any hero except for otomo and arah.. and the Kenji i think with the orb the white one... Thanks a lot... I have winter of the wolf expansion pack...