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  1. i think dragon is the most difficult to play:rolleyes:
  2. remove the the horse glitches, please. 'cause they can easily be abused in a match.
  3. actually, it does, but you wont notice a big difference. i tested it several times cause my friend built like 5 huts more than i did and he had 1 more peasant than me. and i gotta say i play as fast as him so yeah, i guess they are generated faster the more huts you have
  4. why does the majority hate lotus? D: it is my fave clan cause its cool xD
  5. Guess_Who

    Using Trainers

    trainers mostly come along with a instruction how use 'em or they just have a few buttons with f1-12 with their description next to it. ppl use them to cheat or just to unlock something you dont really get to use e.g. 124345235234 monks outta a keep or 12334545345 yin/yang even though you havent fought yet my advice: dont use them lol
  6. i usually sword rush on four god's garden...its pretty effective with budo:blink:
  7. just press N if you want 'em to shoot an enemy on sight used in a certain way they become hell powerful xD
  8. it depends on the enemy's tactics and clan but just ignore my opinions, cause im a big noob x_x
  9. i guess none but the admin knows it hehe
  10. ok im gonna take a screenshot next time when im at buddy's. =)
  11. what do you need the trainer for?
  12. gameranger is like hamachi, just way better. well it doesnt download the game 'cause its actually a program that allows you to host servers there. most of the "good players" moved there cause ehm... gamespy sucks anyway, you gotta have the game installed first before you use gameranger.
  13. redownload or just reinstall battle realms. i know this is a stupid suggestion, but i dont know anything else how to help you solve the problem =/ *cough* my signature *cough
  14. my buddy had this sorta problem. somehow i managed to fix it, but im not really sure how i did this. lol i basically opened the port 16000. thats it. i hope that i helped ya.
  15. try turning off all the programs like msn, yahoo, icq, aim etc. those kinds of programs sometimes cause sync error. if people use cheats / trainers they also get a sync error for sure except for they use bugs if this doesnt work you probably have downloaded a mod and use it while your mate has the original battle realms version.
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