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  1. I thought this one looked funny: Forgot to quit while I was ahead. Played sticky demo turbine for around five hours (as well as playing pyro every now and then). First, there were a couple of back and forth rounds with some sentry camping in mid, but half-decent action. Then my team won 30-0 by simply outshooting the enemies. I remember I was about to quit, but then I saw that a medic was getting ready to über me, so I played on a bit. In the next round, the enemies did the normal tactic of camping with heavy/medic in middle until they got up sentries. They had four sentries and two mini-sentries. It was a desperate fight to get out, and we were camping in for around two hours. Defending didn't seem much of a problem as I didn't have any problem outspamming any attackers who kept rolling in, but they still got random caps every now and again because everyone on my team was focused on breaking out. It was mostly stalemate. I'd get an über, kill two sentries, but pushed back, rinse and repeat. I had to alternative sides. Left was best, since I had a chance to kill sentries before getting the über, but if they three sticky campers got wind that I was breaking out that side, it would prove impossible to even open the door without dying. There were times where we were very close to breaking out, but they one of engies would go Short Curcuit, and we'd be doomed. I switched to heavy for a bit, but that was hopeless since they had sentry crossfire and it was impossible to get close enough to all sentries. When they were leading 15-0, one of their engies quit or changed class. I got three sentries on the next über, and we were out. We were quite angry at having wasted the last two hours desperately trying to spam through their defenses, so we pummeled them and started camping in their intel room, outside the spawn. Everything was looking good for a quick turnaround with 30-15, but then a soldier on our team picked up their intel and walked around with it for 30 minutes without noticing. While half of our team were busy pleading him to drop, their scouts started picking up out intel, working together in a three-scout shift for the intel. Our base and middle was undefended (with all three of our sentries in their intel room), so they'd go through there, then their spawn and then they'd somehow, through constant dying and resetting, get the intel to the mark and cap. This went on for a bit until they started spamming crazy with demos, most being successful with random spam from the vents above. They broke our camp, destroyed the sentries, and finally we had defense of our own. They never really pushed us that far back, and only got at most two sentries up to defend at one time. So, I kept killing the sentries, and eventually they were pushed back to spawn. So, it went from 20-20 and then we finally made it 30-23 in the end. A bit lame action, really, but I feel very well-versed at spamming stickies now ... During the entire time, I kept moving forward constantly, so my hands are terrible cramped right now.
  2. I think we need to be more specific here. Say that you're a soldier approaching a sticky demo who has put his stickies around the corner when you enter from water. Best case scenario: The stickies are on the far wall around that corner. You'd be able to blast them away. You'll have to be careful not to blast them towards yourself, so if you want to blast them long enough back that you can get to the sticky demo (who can always move back and keep spamming stickies from a different angle), it would probably take around three rockets. In the time that it would take you to do this, the demo can easily replace the stickies. Not to mention that while you're doing this, the camper will probably be pre-spamming pipes around the corner, meaning that if you look around the corner to shoot the stickies further away, there is every chance that you'll be hit by the endless stream of pipes. Most common scenario: The stickies are on the near wall around the corner. That means you can only blast them towards yourself (since you cannot land a rocket an an angle that won't be past the closest stickies). If you want to get close enough to blast the stickies towards the demo, you're close enough to die from the detonation. Doesn't matter if you use shotgun or rocket launcher. There is not really any point to using shotgun, since the attack interval of the stickybomb launcher is shorter and it has a bigger clip size. You'll be shooting at stickies till you drop, while dancing around in a stream of pipes. Now, as a sticky demo yourself, you would be able to blast the stickies away a bit more effectively. Still, the above is still true, since you wouldn't be able to blast them away quickly enough. With one or two stickies, you might be able to blast some stickies away, but not all, and they will be replaced at the same time. The same is true for a pyro. Even if you're quickly around the corner, blasting the stickies back, you won't be able to blast all of them away, and there will be enough to kill you, even if the demo is slow to react. If you do blast them all away, you'll have to do so 3-4 times before you can get to the demo. In the meanwhile, he can spam more stickies at you (you'll either have to airblast away the new stickies or airblast back the existing ones).
  3. Well, as Ljub indicates, those reactions are justified. If someone is sticky camping on 2Fort, they are basically ruining the map for the rest. Sticky camper sewer means people cannot go sewers. Sticky camper front door means people cannot attack at all, and will just be spamming at each other. It's damned sad, and it's a shame some people don't understand that. I guess it just depends on how people play the map. I play to attack and have fun through good action and an interesting challenge. Some people can be entertained by just sitting and spamming, but I have to say that I'm past that stage. Certainly wouldn't find sitting around waiting to right click to get free kills very stimulating. Care to elaborate on that? How will you take on a sticky camper who has stickies around the corner in sewers? Ãœber seems to be your only option unless he's really slow or you have engie with Short Curcuit with you. Sure, the sticky demo can mess up and make a mistake, but let's image he does not.
  4. Yeah, given how many regulars 2Fort UK had, you wouldn't think quickplay was necessary. But the problem has always been to start the server off when it has no players. Once you get past that, it usually quickly gets rolling. I was so happy to see the 2Fort UK server with 32 players the other day and hoped it would bring some of the regulars back who left for the skial, UKCS and gfm-clan servers. Now, I'm sorry to hear that it only happens when people vote it, though. It kind of confuses the identity of the server, and it means that the server can suck one moment (with max. 24 players) and be nice the other (with normal 32-player size), which still leaves me a bit confused as to whether I should play on it. I know that with instant spawn people will be off their marks quicker and will therefore re-appear quicker once you kill them. However, a 24-player server with instant spawn still feels kind of empty, and there are a lot of exciting moments and momentum swings that can happen on a 32-player server, which just aren't the same for 24-player servers. With 24 players, it still feels like a server for individualists, and even if you have fast spawn, you still only have around 3-4 people on each team who are willing to work together. With 32 players, you have maybe 6-7 players who play as a unit, which is a completely different dynamic, especially if they attack in a group. 2Fort is not like other maps, and the action often happens in dramatic episodes rather than through a continuous barrage of spam like on most other maps. Also, the action is often more spread out, with 2-3 different points being contested, the fronts going back and forth. These differences between 2Fort and other maps mean that while another server might be fine with just 24 players when they have fast spawn, 2Fort isn't, since you need the people in place for the action to happen, which they won't be if you have to spread 10-12 players across all the action zones. Constant 1on1 fights just don't have the charm that a real team fight has.
  5. Could we at least get a 32-player fast spawn 2Fort server? 24 players is a bit useless ... tame action :/
  6. Yes, good luck meleeing a pyro or scout That said, if you were Se7en, you would get kritz, so one well-timed melee hit would be a good idea.
  7. Let me give a specific example, just so we don't talk in different directions. Putting a sticky behind yourself is a decent choice if you still have a few seconds to run. However, consider this situation: You're walking out on balcony on 2Fort and a scouts jumps in your face. It's too late to push them away, because you have to do damage now or die. He's too close that you can fire stickies at him. The scout lands his first shot, you turn around around to place a sticky run over it and blast yourself away. With the scout landing the first shot, you will either kill yourself when you blast yourself away or be killed by the second shot of the scout. The point is try to kill your opponent quickly, knocking them slightly back, while minimizing the damage to yourself. You have the same problem if a pyro gets too close. If they are further away, what you describe is a decent tactic for escape, since it's a quick move and you're running forward, maximizing your speed. However, there is only a very specific window where this would be the best choice. In all other cases, the best choice would be to try to deal damage, or a good opponent will beat you.
  8. Think closer. If they're close enough, putting a sticky behind you will mean that you're dead
  9. A bit more advice for you, Fever: If you're running backwards while being chased by someone who is almost in melee range, it might seem hard to get stickies down in time. It will seem that the ones placed most quickly are at your feet. However, what's even more effective is staying with your side against the wall and putting stickies on the wall. It's quick for your mouse to move to look at the wall and the sticky will stick right away, giving you a better chance of doing more damage to your opponent than you, thus surviving without suicide. When you are being chased by a class faster than yourself, the priority for your first sticky is to knock them back. Once you've done so, you will have plenty of time to kill them with the following stickies. So, if necessary, take a bit more time to fire that first sticky, since it's crucial that you don't accidentally knock the opponent towards you, which will surely get you killed. In many situations, it's useful to pre-load your sticky bomb launcher, giving you the possibility of firing a quick sticky that can easily get range if you need it. If you don't end up needing it, you simply switch away from the sticky bomb launcher and back again, to cancel the load. The only handicap this provides is that fully loaded sticky shots take more effort to aim close to yourself, for instance if someone catches you around the corner. Since they are faster, an instant detonation will be further away from yourself if you aim straight, so will have to try to shoot at your feet. So, you have the judge the situation, and not blindly pre-load the stickies. Sticky bombs do not lose momentum, so if you fire high enough, they will travel the difference. An example could be that you are on 2Fort, on one side of the bridge. You just have time for one crit shot, and you spot a sniper on the enemy balcony. So, you can pre-load the sticky for half a second, fire it almost straight up into the air while still using the cover of the bridge against the sniper. About a second later you right click and kill the sniper. Yes, heavy/medic is such a powerful combo that if they camp a choke point, where only the heavy is visible, it can be impossible for a team that doesn't have good offense or an über to beat them. But I think it's easier to get good position on them, where lots of your teammates can fire at the same time, compared to they sticky camper, who can sit at an advantageous vantage point where you cannot really get to him. It's very map-specific, of course, but no doubt heavy/medic comes very close to being as annoying campers as a sticky demo. Still, that's two players defending compared to one. Camping soldiers often cannot do much to a team. What's really frustrating about them is that they deal damage so flexible, so they can easily pop out and kill you are the worst time or at impossible angles. A soldier camping the grill on 2Fort, for instance, can get endless kills if his camping is combined with heavy defense from the defenders on the ground. But if it's just him against superior firepower (say, two soldiers), he's dead quickly. Camping snipers are a pest to anyone, and often one of the worst problems on 2Fort apart from sticky campers. However, they can often quick easily be beaten if you do a focused effort. And once you've beaten a team filled with snipers once, they are often overrun as a consequence. Camping snipers are mostly a problem because they don't really contribute to the fun, just picking easy kills from a distance. They don't necessarily break the gameplay as a whole. I don't think I've ever heard of "camping engineers", but engineers as such are sometimes a necessary evil. The teleports and dispensers can be a great facilitator in the offense, keeping things going with sufficient intensity. In 16 vs 16, I don't mind each team having 1-2 engineers. One can definitely be necessary to prevent the maps being won quickly by scouts. Before the Short Circuit buff, sentries were quite easily killed by good players, unless they were very well defender. Having sentries to fight against does after all give the game a sense of natural progression, with the attackers going from breaking one sentry defence to the next. The problem is when there are too many engies, because no one likes constantly fighting sentries, being forced to spam endlessly from a limited position. If defended well, they take quite a bit of time to kill, so if a team has four engies, you might find that they've built two in the time that it took you to destroy one. It's especially bad when engies camp places like the bridge on 2Fort, because suddenly all action is halted. The defenders are forced to stay in their base and spam at the sentries. This spam triggers counter-spam from the attackers, who often end up camping the bridge instead of just attacking the base and winning.
  10. I'm not convinced that this change fully fixes Short Circuit, although it definitely reduces effectiveness. With 200 metal, you can still destroy 13 projectiles. Then you can switch to your wrench and repair your sentry, and then, if there isn't too much spam to prevent you increasing your metal, you can switch back and destroy more projectiles. But it's a clever attempt at a fix, since it means that the engineer will not be able to beat continuous spam from attackers anymore because his metal will run out, and using Short Circuit will now require more awareness, not just mindlessly pressing your fire-key. I have no doubt this will make many switch away from it, since it takes more effort. So, the patch update brings Short Circuit closer to it's original function of destroying projectiles in specific situations, although it's still significantly more powerful and before it was first buffed. If a sticky demo or soldier gets an über to kill your sentry, you can still make sure their efforts are absolutely useless, regardless of how well they play.
  11. I did get a bit worried the other day when I saw you had turned into a sticky camper. You're a good teamplayer and a decent soldier, so it would be quite a loss if you were to turn into one of those players where people shake their head and curse to their teammates. As Ljubica puts it quite well, you need to challenge yourself. You're trying to learn to play sticky demo is a way that no self-respecting skilled demo would play. It's a start, but I'm sure you will learn much faster if you actually run out and challenge the opponents directly. As much as I dislike the sticky bomb launcher in general, I have to admit that it's a lot of fun playing with offensively. I started out being a sticky demo on Dustbowl, so it was one of my first classes. But for a long time I never touched a sticky bomb launcher because it felt unfair to my fellow players. However, recently, I have started joining skial 2Fort (which is a sad camper server anyway) to play offensive sticky demo. Even though I play crazy offensive, never standing still for more than a few seconds, always running forward, I can still quite easily get a similar score to what I get as pyro (which I've played much more). And I think you underestimate just how powerful the sticky bomb launcher is. You say that a bunch of enemies are coming across the bridge. So, what do you do? Place sticky trap for them? Hell no, you spam them to death. You can kill any opponent except heavies with just two stickies and if you fire them the right way, they're really hard to dodge. You can kill a group of opponents within a few seconds this way due to the big area of effect. This weapon is not designed for camping - it's design for annihilation. You need to find out how you spam the stickies correctly and quickly. Therefore your fingers need to learn the muscle memory of quickly aiming upwards every time you shoot. Doing this means that you can shoot the stickies quickly but still get them as far as you need them. Of course, you need to learn to understand the fights you're in and when you need to balance hitting people quickly and directly (by loading the sticky launcher a bit before shooting) and when you can basically spam them to death. Just as importantly, you need to learn how to use the stickies defensively, improving your immediate reaction when an opponent gets too close for the stickies to be effective and practicing your switch to the grenade launcher. Surely, you will say: any sticky demo uses sticky traps. They do, but it's not necessarily to kill, rather to avoid being killed. Despite how crazily overpowered the sticky bomb launched seems, the delay for detonating the sticky bombs that you're very vulnerable when people get close to you. Your greatest weakness, no doubt. A bad demo will negate this weakness by staying back and only making a move once they can clearly identify where the opponents are. A good demo will anticipate the situations where they need to quickly place 2-3 stickies to cover their position if they are shooting at someone. Often, if you're being offensive as a demo and don't place those stickies, someone will jump out right in front of you, and you'll be dead if you aren't very quick to switch to the pipe bombs. This does not mean that you should put these "defensive" stickies all the time. Most of the time you can control space and make sure that people cannot effectively get the jump on you without dying in the attempt. However, imagine a place like sewer stairs on 2Fort. Here, you'll effectively have to cover yourself from three different angles when you go to the top of the stairs, and since you cannot do that, opponents who catch you can kill you easily. The alternative, of course, would be having the grenade launcher ready until you reach the top of the stairs. But when you have such a powerful and flexible weapon as stickies, you don't want to rely on pipe bombs.
  12. Yeah, totally rude. Normally you have the chance to do some cleaning before inviting someone over
  13. Holy fuck, that's worth a lot. Must be because it's rare, not because it's pretty. I'm sure Dickpuncherello would be very impressed that you have an item that there are only nine in the world of So much robot garbage as well - thank God for Backpack Expander, or there would be no room for wardrobe
  14. I see my question was missed. It was: - Which hat are we all talking about? - How much is it worth/what would people give?
  15. Assuming an average of four maps per tour: 65 tours x 4 x 0,69 Euro = 179 Euro How much money is this hat worth? I'm surprised that no one in the midst of all this has mentioned which hat we are talking about. Maybe Ljub could find a trusty buying about the forum members
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