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  1. You was around when i was around and i feel like an old cunt now a days Snapchat:stpeachy
  2. What the shit, who's holding the fort!
  3. Not a post in tavern since june 30th. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRYmVb33VU0
  4. I'm back motherfuckers
  5. Get a steak bake a greggs.
  6. Definitely a lot more challenging than l4d and more teamwork based. A lot more fun IMO,
  7. OP always is and always will be a faggot
  8. Just play both a reasonable amount and then find out what you like more, there isnt really a "better" about either game, it's all down to personal preference. Although i am interested in what you mean by DLC packs?
  9. If you ever need a jungle tank meepo i'm your man
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