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  1. I want to sell my stormy storm birdcage for pyro, for a Strange festive huntsman, grenade launcher and 8 naughty and 8 nice keys, or maybe a strange festive ubersaw instead of the keys, ask me on steam! Thanks
  2. Hawkear

    Hai :)

  3. id play some l4d2, send me a party invite sometime
  4. well as far as I know, you can put in a command that allows you to have a fake fullscreen, basically it takes away the border and locks the screen to w.e aspect ratio you have picked, that way you won't pull it around but Idk how to do it for tf2, many pc games can be made into fake fullscreen, look up the term on google, im not sure how to do it with tf2. But ya basically you can also press the windows key to bring you to your desktop, that's my main suggestion, and then just run it in real full screen, also u can press Ctrl+ alt+ dlt and it will bring up the windows task manager also exiting tf2, at least for me it does. Anyway hope this helps. try putting in this to your commands too see if it helps... -noborder, i think that is it
  5. full screen?, take out the border of the tf2 program with some kind of command? Or use fake fullscreen, look it up.
  6. I beat Kimbo one day and all he said were racial slurs and shit about faggots in the sewers...now that's just plain rude ain't it? I suggest keeping anyone who supports him away as well as blocking that guys IP while your at it, that guy is seriously annoying.
  7. I could prbly do it, send it to the email on my profile, i run windows xp so should work. email is mylifetoall13@hotmail.com, ill msg u back here prbly with what I find out
  8. Srry I already got my pussies, 3 of them in fact, and i sold them all to the highest bidder, aka whoever wanted to virtually eat(delete) them and pretend they were eaten. HARDEE HAR HAR!
  9. Or I could prepare them for a...Hawkear EXAMINATION! I am Ze medic, I will not be outdone by some, lab coat wearing "so called" professionals, I have standards!
  10. I ate them both....nomnom, cat is a bit stringy mind you if you partake... but for real, I found out one is a girl...that's gonna cost a bit to get her fixed...damn those vets, always trying to steal my well earned key money!
  11. it probably works fine, most likely an issue on our end, but I do run XP...I know that has nothing to do with it.
  12. I fear no man....but that woman....she scares me!
  13. I tried using my pick up skills....but she just squirmed too much to hold onto and called the cops...am I doing something wrong?
  14. She's damn good! I like it when she kills someone when I'm about to die, One time at band camp she healed me in a 300 ping game vs the europeans...we all lost of course, but to be able to heal through that bs was a skill indeed, although me as demo i was killing myself about 3 times, very sad...
  15. damn you got some fly duds vag!, nice bling too
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