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  1. I want to sell my stormy storm birdcage for pyro, for a Strange festive huntsman, grenade launcher and 8 naughty and 8 nice keys, or maybe a strange festive ubersaw instead of the keys, ask me on steam! Thanks
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  3. id play some l4d2, send me a party invite sometime
  4. well as far as I know, you can put in a command that allows you to have a fake fullscreen, basically it takes away the border and locks the screen to w.e aspect ratio you have picked, that way you won't pull it around but Idk how to do it for tf2, many pc games can be made into fake fullscreen, look up the term on google, im not sure how to do it with tf2. But ya basically you can also press the windows key to bring you to your desktop, that's my main suggestion, and then just run it in real full screen, also u can press Ctrl+ alt+ dlt and it will bring up the windows task manager also exiting tf2, at least for me it does. Anyway hope this helps. try putting in this to your commands too see if it helps... -noborder, i think that is it
  5. full screen?, take out the border of the tf2 program with some kind of command? Or use fake fullscreen, look it up.
  6. I beat Kimbo one day and all he said were racial slurs and shit about faggots in the sewers...now that's just plain rude ain't it? I suggest keeping anyone who supports him away as well as blocking that guys IP while your at it, that guy is seriously annoying.
  7. I could prbly do it, send it to the email on my profile, i run windows xp so should work. email is [email protected], ill msg u back here prbly with what I find out
  8. Srry I already got my pussies, 3 of them in fact, and i sold them all to the highest bidder, aka whoever wanted to virtually eat(delete) them and pretend they were eaten. HARDEE HAR HAR!
  9. Or I could prepare them for a...Hawkear EXAMINATION! I am Ze medic, I will not be outdone by some, lab coat wearing "so called" professionals, I have standards!
  10. I ate them both....nomnom, cat is a bit stringy mind you if you partake... but for real, I found out one is a girl...that's gonna cost a bit to get her fixed...damn those vets, always trying to steal my well earned key money!
  11. it probably works fine, most likely an issue on our end, but I do run XP...I know that has nothing to do with it.
  12. I fear no man....but that woman....she scares me!
  13. I tried using my pick up skills....but she just squirmed too much to hold onto and called the cops...am I doing something wrong?
  14. She's damn good! I like it when she kills someone when I'm about to die, One time at band camp she healed me in a 300 ping game vs the europeans...we all lost of course, but to be able to heal through that bs was a skill indeed, although me as demo i was killing myself about 3 times, very sad...
  15. damn you got some fly duds vag!, nice bling too
  16. I think that I will go back and get the 7 credits I need in high school still, not many I know, easy peasy, but I needed to work =(, bills don't pay themselves XD. I think online courses will work nicely while i work. I always have wanted to go to college, and ya I know psychology is not for the money unless you can land a paying job which is seriously tough, and getting a PHD even tougher. I will consider your thoughts definitely though, 60K sounds fucking awesome to me! And i could always get a loan for college and pay it back, there is always a way, be it a hard route, it is still a way. I think I ruined this thread....someone make a funny!
  17. Hawkear

    Sims 3 Dlcs

    hey all I can say in the end is if your having fun who cares!
  18. Let me give a great example of SS BS, check the S tommislav, it is shown at 0.33 ref, when it's real price is def at least a key. Now why does SS say that? Sharking...that's why, buy low/ sell high, like a few of you already said, check OP, do your own research, make some profit, but don't be greedy, and you will have fun trading, I know I do. I recently promised some1 a hold on a pocket pussy for someone's birthday, now that is how you trade, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you do a fair trade. But when your a shark...you get excited and shit, which is just sad, in the end top end traders make money, but then again if I sell coke lower then the next guy, eventually he's gonna shoot me for it.
  19. Well i have much more respect for you now. Thanks for sharing that with me, conversation helps clear up misconceptions i had about you I suppose. I can be quite a dick I know, No offense intended, but I surely am a bit jealous tbh. Perhaps you could impart some knowledge, I simply would like a friend like you in RL, you seem like a straight minded person, few in my life are like this and it gets a bit suffocating being trapped where I am, but alas we are a world apart, how's LA, not snowy and shitty and cold I assume? I simply try hard but am dealt failing hands. I feel as though I have so much more to offer the world, but so limited resources, it gets very frustrating. In the end I just go with the flow, ebbing forever like a damn broken faucet down the drain of society that I was born into. I don't feel bad for myself, I work hard jobs and do my best to keep my head above water, But I saw your reply to my post it actually gives me a lot of hope, I can admire someone who does what they feel is the right thing to do, perhaps you are unique and obviously did work hard to become a C. Engineer, respect for that. I am just judgmental as usual, but we call have bad qualities correct? XP, anyway i know this thread isn't totally serious but I feel that a genuine reply and interest in another can make friends, but also can also make enemies, perhaps we can become the latter. I always wanted to be a psychologist, I can read people like a book, in person of course, but your story is quite interesting, something where perhaps the cockiness is needed, in order to cancel out all the hate. And you can maybe show me a few demo tricks, although I do know how to blow shit up too =). Looking forward to actually playing a match with you, if you would. I can add you if you link your steam. Always looking for Dommy players, and you sir obviously have proven your shit, hell I'd even be glad to pocket med you. OH...and one more thing, I am looking to start a workout routine, got any good tips cuz tbh ur jacked XD also Oli, I feel the same way bud, people around me just druggies and alchi's, I hate it, they always suck you in and try to be friends with a knife in your gut, i admit I smoke pot, quite a lot sometimes, but that is also an escape, it was the cause of me growing up in a grow house, about 50 pot plants are hard to resist, especially when you are around it ALL the time, Canada is bad for that...cops don't even usually give a shit. I got out of all of that crap and now am living with my dad. He is an amazing person, he tries hard, very angry though, I try to quell it with some kind of logic but he has been treated like shit by so many people I understand him. He shows me humility in it's greatest sense and for that I have the greatest respect for him. But...we all are sucked down the tubes by the vices society puts on us...apparently it's a release but I find it's more a waste of money...but at 15...and with a girl i thought I loved lost and another who cheated on me, I spiraled down and lost hope...women used to be my light but now they just seem dark to me, cold and heartless, I suppose that girl who backstabbed me like a fucking Blu spy showed me something that isn't true, and I started smoking pot to try to cope. I don't know why I took it so hard back then but always after that I became a Gaming pro.. competitive, but I still love the fun of it, just fragging in tf2...nothing beats it, although i played many games, tf2 is by far 100x better. I used to be a bodyshot master in GOW2, people feared me, respected me, and I believe I needed some kind of emotional connection to it, as I always do with games. I know that sounds nerdyandIknowit (pun intended) but I seriously feel like I am there, fighting an eternal war, always improving and learning, watching and waiting. I think one day I might become a serial killer, but my mind is too fucking straight, I won't go insane ( believe me thing's should have driven me insane, don't ask how....). Now I'm 20 and want to get serious, but it's tough to do so w/o a high school diploma and seriously hard without money to go to college...and time just keeps ticking. But I hope, that people see me as I truely am, And i will never fake it, you see me, and I am never going to lie again like I once did, I used to make up everything about my life, as my RL sucked back then. I now realize life is what you make it, and those around you are the ones who truly make you, but it works both ways.
  20. I was gaming so hard that i actually got hard and well, tf2 made me all warm and fuzzy in my prefrontal cortex...causing an unknown liquid to burst from my....nose, it was an aneurysm...I died 2 weeks later.
  21. I fear no man....but that thing....it scares me.... shit just got real
  22. I heard that if you whisper, you suck and have no life, you can sometimes hear him call back...I AM GOD...and then the silent sound of laughter, and pain, sadness and insanity. PUA 101: step 1: be an ass, step 2: make her feel inadequate, step 3: bang her, step 4:die alone drinking beer and watching porn. Oh and if your not competitive don't brag...I mean ur not a 1%er like them, your just someone with a high K/d on lotus servers....wow great lifetime accomplishment of rank 10, if you're not # 1 then by your logic you shouldn't try, and I'm sure that's why you don't, because you know your not the best and never will be, accept it. I have one serious question for you too YSaHNL, were your parents wealthy? Or were you born into wealth? Or did you build it yourself from the ground up? Life isn't handed to everyone, luckily you were born in an area that is thriving, if you came from where I am from you'd be dead right now. Jk wanted to use a scout line but for real buddy some people can't afford college or all of these things you do. I for one have to struggle for what I gain, and for that I have learned you have to take the hand you are dealt and play it the best you can. Hardships can stick with many, and even if you are happy now and will always be, some have had their parents killed, some have had been born into drug houses, others have been raped. If you want me to really show you the truth of a man who has to deal with this shit, then let me show you the insane world of Hawkear,not to say all of those specifically apply to me ( I was raped by a horse on a farm once ) I don't brag because I have nothing to brag about. For some life is just a box of shit, you know it's shit and you have to eat it because it's all their is, day in day out. I love my family and would do anything for them...Can you say you'd truly die for someone? And if so then why must you egg on these people to hate you so much. If you are wise you should impart knowledge not squash others down with your giant ego. That way maybe they will listen and you can be a guru or something...otherwise, you're just telling us what we already know, but cannot achieve, limits are set by many factors, and if you are so smart you'd realize that. It just kind of shocks me that someone so talented can be such a strange person and a womanizer, but i guess that is the price of success, your soul, and your trueness, you sound fake my friend, you let others make you and for that you are but another of them, not unique but a sheep, forever following your herd. Why not be your own man and not call yourself a PUA. if you enjoy 1 night stands more power to you but don't tell us we have to be like you because some people have differing opinions. I believe you act this way because your parents showed you little love, and for that I'm sorry, but really get over your self and do something for humanity with your skills, instead of wasting it on stupid PUA shit and expensive toys. We all die, even the best, and they fall the hardest. 1000 einsteins may be born in Africa, but they will die without water, leaving the greatest ideas in the dirt that we came from, and 1 will be born in America, home of the free, given every opportunity, but dies of a heroin overdose because his father beats him every night. Ahh the world we live in, refreshing isn't it.
  23. hmmm maybe...but I doubt it, it's not really an exploit so much as a glitch that can't be fixed, as the character models can go through it because it is a thin wall than what you see anywhere else, idk why but...valve never fixed it so, Also there is a glitch that allows u to see a medic with an uber ready if you have certain settings, and they use that in competitive so...anyway my advice keep away from the door if you don't wanna get hit. But obviously an admins word is final, so let them tell you what's what, I just think you gotta live with it though.
  24. Here's some really bad quality pics, I had to put a lamp behind them just to see them since they're so black, but that is why I like them so much, black cats are my fav kind spoilers are for the spoiled... Ya i had 3 cats at my last house with my mom, I missed them and now I have new ones to fill the void, i had a black cat named lanky and a calico called momma cat( since she had so many litters) I had her for about 7 years now she found us in London on a sidewalk, London Ontario that is...anyway lanky came in one lonely night when i was alone in my house with 2 feet of snow outside, he came in meowing his head off and it's been a match ever since, he is a cool cat, solly reminds me of him a lot, very skittish and nervous, a survivalist if you will, funny though to see him so paranoid, but also sad cuz it means the owners were mean to him, he does meow a lot too, just like lanky, in fact he is right now! OH and they are both dude cats
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