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  1. Ruby

    Roman Quiz

    Hint: They all have letters a, b, c or d in them.
  2. Ruby

    Roman Quiz

    Hello everyone, I hope you've all been paying attention to my Roman history classes for the past week, because it's time for a test. I've prepared six questions on the history of the Roman Empire. Write down the answers, then send them to me over private messages. In 24 hours, I will put up the correct answers and grade your exams. The student with most correct answers will be awarded 5 ECTS points, as well as one of my all time favorite games, Fallout: New Vegas, in which you will be able to aid Caesar himself! Sort of. If more than one student has the same high score, then the game will be awarded to one of them randomly. If my forum inbox is full, mail your answers to somewhat.paranoid@hotmail.com You will be given two points per correct answer. One point will be deducted for each incorrect or blank answer. Please put all of the answers in a single line. Example: "abcdabc". Here are the questions. Good luck! 1. Which emperor did Commodus look up to? a ) Marcus Aurelius b ) Julius Caesar c ) Claudius d ) Trajan 2. How did Diocletian's reign end? a ) he was overthrown b ) he got assasinated c ) he commited suicide d ) he retired 3. What was the main motive behind Caligula's assasination? a ) unhappiness of the Praetorian Guard b ) a conspiracy to make his uncle Claudius the Emperor c ) restoration of the Roman Republic d ) restoration of the Roman Kingdom 4. Why did "the Emperor who fiddled while Rome burned" allegedly start the fire? a ) to persecute Christians b ) to make space for his new palace c ) to scare the Senate d ) to give the Praetorian Guard something to do 5. Who orchestrated Domitian's murder? a ) his rival general b ) his family c ) his advisors d ) his enemies in the Senate 6. Which emperor ended the Pax Romana (Roman peace)? a ) Commodus b ) Caligula c ) Pertinax d ) Diocletian p.s. Some people believe that my Roman fun facts have something to do with Lotus staff. I don't know who would be that insane to compare the great Roman Empire which once ruled almost the entire Europe to a 100-people-strong gaming clan. Click HERE to submit answers! You can edit your answers up until 19:00 CET, Oct 3rd.
  3. Dedicating extra resources towards one single mod, no matter how important it is, opens up an entire can of worms of "valve why didn't you fund/support us as well". Pretty much the only company that worked with main mod makers in the past was Mojang, and it was later revealed they only did so because they actually bought some rights to the mod they were supporting (their dishonesty in that was later punished by major non-Mojang contributors who revoked their code from the project and thus essentially nuked it). Big modding frameworks like SourceMod are generally open sourced, so Valve can't have financial interest in them. It's like that in almost any game - new patch comes out, mods and frameworks which relied on decompiled and deobfuscated source code break. SourceMod actually breaks very rarely compared to others. Valve also does not profit in the slightest from their own servers or the community servers as TF2 is free to play and there's no "pay for multiplayer" like it is with Destiny or some other console games. Actually, a more viable financial model for Valve would be to completely let the community manage their own servers as they wouldn't have to pay for them.
  4. Twenty, twenty three. Twenty, twenty, twenty three. Twenty, twenty three. Twenty, twenty, twenty three. Twenty, twenty three. Twenty, twenty, twenty three.

  5. In spite of his failures, Diocletian's reforms fundamentally changed the structure of Roman imperial government and helped stabilize the empire, enabling it to remain for another hundred years despite being near the brink of collapse during his youth. He left the imperial office in 305 as the first Roman emperor to voluntarily abdicate.

  6. After Commodus' murder had been carried out, Pertinax was hurried to the Praetorian Camp and proclaimed emperor. His short reign (86 days) was an uneasy one. He attempted to emulate the restrained practices of Marcus Aurelius and made an effort to reform the alimenta but faced antagonism. In 193 AD, about 300 Praetorian Guard soldiers rushed his gates. He was almost successful in reasoning with them before being struck down. The Praetorian Guard then auctioned off his position.

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