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About Me

it was just fine
we lived in peace
looked to a happy ending

the days were bright
they shined like gold
every step ascending

our dreams came true
our path was clear
the moon watched safely from above

but every smile
is not the same
and every heart’s not filled with…..

love for mankind
look around it’s getting very hard to find
not every open wound is simply healed by time
but revenge is always sweet
and chaos is the prize

feel it everywhere and you see it growing
enemies arise and the hate is flowing
shattering the moon and bloodying the sky
the machines of war will fuel both sides
and the greed will only grow more lies
farewell to days of peace cuz now it’s time to die

A Lotusonian since September 28th, 2012.

Former staff member, current global admin, Lotus Junior Recruit of 2012 winner, designer and developer of Lotus Web Admin 2.0. Made a bunch of other cool stuff happen too.

Left September 22nd, 2014. (Hey, I almost made it two full years!)

Neutral Good (44.4% Good, 0% Lawful)

My reddit AMA session: I am a former LotusClan staff. AMA from how to manage a community or a server to what did I eat for breakfast.

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