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  1. Here Another: I Call This Amazing Shot 'Spider Man?' You'll also notice L|7 owning someone.
  2. Aww Hell Yeah, All 5 Games With A Memeber DONE!

  3. I Think all 33 Player servers are down.. I couldn't seem to find any?
  4. Who like's my new 'About Me' Art! ^-^

  5. Having just played along side 'Hietha' I can see that he/she is good player, during the game i played with him/her he/she was helping me and himself/herself plan ways to attack the base. Hietha was also a polite gamer, over all a well respected player!
  6. Hello & Welcome! Well the idea of this post is that you show off your TF2 sprays! I'm not sure if there is already a post of this, due to the fact that i'm new the forum. But Hay-Ho' here is my spray in-game: It reads: 'Shss..You wont be needing this anymore' Look forward to seeing your sprays!
  7. [insert Something Witty Here]

  8. All my screenshots are all weird positions that peoples bodies land in, Take a look: I Call This One 'Pinned' I Call This One 'Ride em' Cowboy' This one is called 'Warming Up' This one is called 'Pyro's Photoshoot #1' 'Pyro's Photoshoot #2' 'The Scout's Hangover Got the better of him' 'I Don't Think I Can Fix You' And I also managed to get this epic looking battle shot during a game of MvM
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