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  1. What manner of ridiculous Lotus history is this? Next you're going to see really old members showing up just for shits and giggles...
  2. ___

    Gronners Got Hacked

    I have to admit this isn't the dramatic return to the forums I envisaged.
  3. Sup. how are we all?
  4. Lurk lurk...

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    2. D-Bee


      You have been very quiet lately.

    3. fever


      He's coming back at the end of Summer :ninjasmiley:

    4. ___


      Coming Soon


  5. ___

    Great Games

    Guns of Icarus online is great for playing with friends. Minecraft took up so many hours of my life that it would be wrong If I didn't mention it. FTL is a truly magnificent Indie title and I love it. (ask Possum) Dawn of War series is always good. Red Faction Guerella Portal 2 (specifically the co-op campaign) was hours of fun. Terraria (similar to minecraft, but arguably better) also see Starbound (released today 4th Dec)
  6. So god damn jealous. hello btw
  7. ___

    Interesting Music.

    Best Remix of this song. Absolutely Mind-blowing.
  8. ___

    Anime Broadcasting

    If you like cosplay videos, nobody on YouTube does them better that "SneakyZebra." They do other content, but their cosplay music videos are by far their best content. :] Sorry my Anime experience goes no further than the original Pokemon series :3
  9. I would say that I am an avid user of YouTube who regularly consumes multiple hours of video content a week (70-ish subscriptions). I must say that I can't stand Google horrendously stuffing Google+ down people's throats, it's just another one of their products that I have no completely no interest in and it really doesn't have much in common with YouTube anyway. I have just stopped commenting on videos entirely now, I usually only quickly browse them for the occasional witty retort or if I'm looking for song name etc. The like/dislike system in my view is pretty good, the only flaw is when people get confused over videos of news of deaths or tribute videos. They're not sure whether to like in tribute, or dislike over his/her/their death. There is also the case of whether it should be strictly quality based, or whether the content is to your liking, such as a discussion on a controversial topic. Oh and Comedy/Geek Week & the Music Awards were all pretty much disasters. Not much point denying it. I am a fan of the creator spaces both in the UK and the USA enabling well established YouTubers to make better quality content as that constitues the majority of the videos I watch. Btw my favorite channels are CorridoorDigital, FreddieW, SxePhill, Vsauce, Star_ and many many more...
  10. I'll take any soldier or Demo stranges please. :] (I've added you) Sorry I never got to talk to you, but your hilarious posts in the memes thread were always appreciated. good luck with everything.
  11. Please don't take that as a deterrent. Nerdcubed is one of my favorite youtubers, and really is very good normally. He was just understandably very angry. This is his normal content, which I love so dearly.
  12. I'm not much of TB fan, as I find him a tad vain and audacious. Also he abuses the "look at me I'm British" thing way too much. However nerdcubed (a much better game critic imo) did a protest video in response to this incident which I saw. The whole situation looks very fishy and the dev seems to be acting in a very cruel, calculating manner.
  13. ___

    People Of Lotus Clan

    So I was supposed to be writing an essay, and this happened.
  14. A Tale of Gronners' Sniping adventures. On the battlements I stand, rifle in hand, shot never lands.
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