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  1. Markov

    Modding Battlereams.dat

    i mean the fire armor... i want to increase their armor to make them more resistant to fore attacks... but it's ok now already found it... thanks by the way gregor... .... till next time...
  2. Markov

    Modding Battlereams.dat

    hello again gregor... i have a problem in some values in my new mod... it is actually an improved version of techniques... i added additive armor for each technique you upgrade... like if you upgrade fortified ale, you have a 1.5 multiplier for health and have additional 0.5 multiplier for blunt armor which has the alchemist_destruction so far i have this values through relating to other techniques and experiments(mod and test): cutting-archer_stoic_calm piercing-archer_stoic_arrow_impact blunt-alchemist_destruction explosives-ancient_ancestors magic-arah_magical_bolt(if i'm correct) can you help me find the value for fire??? thanks a lot...
  3. Markov

    Battle Realms Data Editor by SITUVN

    i have a question... i was actually trying to use this sitvun editor for building techniques... i got a problem in how to find values for magic and fire armor... i tried so find it but i really have a bad time... i only found values for blunt, piercing, explosives and cutting... can someone help me find the effect for magic and fire??? thanks a lot...
  4. Markov

    Simple Modification Request

    ok... thanks man... i'll try... i tried to use it before but i can't understand it... LOL... maybe i should take a look again at the tutorials...
  5. Markov

    Simple Modification Request

    i was actually trying to multiply the number of times tempered steel could appear in another building, i tried to use bathhouse for three tempered steel buttons but when i test it, the upgrade remains the same(nothing changes in short)... can you please show me how???
  6. Markov

    Simple Modification Request

    thanks for reply... i have another question, is it possible to have multiple unit upgrades of the same type in one building example: you have three tempered steel button in bath house and 3 dragons fire in the royal academy and is it possible to have an upgrade that came from other clan like tempered steel in serpent or reinforced plating in lotus??? if possible, can you tell me how??? i really want to make a mod in all four clans which i have multiple upgrades and affects all units within the clan(the more yinyang you have the more chances of winning lol)... btw thanks again for the reply...
  7. Markov

    Simple Modification Request

    hi!!! i'm new here... i'm using sitvun data editor... can someone please help me how to add or train other units for other clans??? example: samurai>royal academy>warlock thanks...