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  1. is still anyone here? I miss u guys for 10 years!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. "Arah~Tank"


      it seems that there is a new BR forum, gotta check it out!

    3. Se7en
    4. Gregor8356


      Yes I am and some seasonal people + and some Visitor's

      Hi what do you mean new forum can you give an example ?

  2. WT!!!! I think I fall in love with Issyl because of that art work XD
  3. Is this mean that BR will gonna started again in a new way???? I can't wait!!!! (and I hope there will be one on Taiwan..because I can't find WOTW ver. here )
  4. I go to Tao's I think Tao's has some adventurous story and I imagine about at first, Tao can choose either Yin or Yang XD
  5. sis~~~long time no see~~~

    where r u in these years?


    hey, don't you have forgotten me already?


  6. Jin?? who's Jin??? in Tekken?
  7. Instead of waiting, you can use ninja to find Nightvol, after you spot him, leave some units to protect your base then the others will attack him. >> For me, I used all my heroes and two Fan Geisha (with upgrade + the horse also upgraded) to attack him ^ ^ simple and done << thx for ur suggest! but I finished already I'll try it next time!
  8. yeh, i agree with u... especially the part without peasants! the part that u have to depend on the necro! realllly annoying~
  9. good idea!!! Koril can protect Utara from ranged attacks!
  10. kenji & arah have a child?! who???????????
  11. why gaihla is 2000 years old????
  12. haha! love triangle! it's weird that Yvaine is with Grayback
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