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  1. i just read the manga "Orange Marmelade" which was quite interesting for a lovestory (no not hentai). tho, it's not done yet. but so far i've liked every 97 chapters i've read today lol can't wait for next chapter ~~
  2. well done, like i give a fuck ^^ i just like comedy, romance, school, slice of life stuff. idc if it's contains ecchi stuff or well eh. atleast i'm not hiding it unlike other wussies.
  3. nope. it's more the fact that they were actually entertaining in a funny way. tho, i don't think the same way as you do. so meeeh
  4. The only thing i find interesting ish : Diabolik Lovers Outbreak Company Infinite Stratos 2 Nagi no Asukara KILL la KILL Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai Galilei Donna Miss Monochrome Golden Time Strike the Blood Kyoukai no Kanata Kill Me Baby KissxSis Seitokai Yakuindomo the BOLDED names is what i look mostly forward to the rest is more want/plan to watch/check.
  5. BRACE YOURSELF.. Fall chart 2013 version 2 is here... Enjoy - added to signature for easier access
  6. well that girl. the only thing i would compare her to, is someone from blade & soul.. yet to far still :b
  7. "tera wannabe" should be enough to actually recognize it lol.. you could actually try searching tera next time :b
  8. or maybe i don't really look. but i know beforehand there is lol.. (blame konachan) i could.. but not going to +-+... some day, i'll show you what a "room whitout nsfw stuff" is like.. (totally to much nsfw) bingo.. tho, i'll get to it eventually. probably.....
  9. let me say it differently. of what he just said, it doesn't sound interesting at all (the anime). so simply not bothering watching 1st ep before trashing it.
  10. thanks for that above. it just made me not want to see it at all. it was on my plan to watch.
  11. for those who didn't see it yet +o+.. i like dis
  12. k-on is discontinued for now. so you "could" read the manga. (personally i'd do that). but i did hear it would probably be taken up somewhere in 2014-2015 through.. (don't pick me up on that through. just heard it from a few other anime otakus +o+) don't know about suzumiya haruhi as it never really gave a good interest on my end. i could poke around for info regarding it, if wanted.
  13. ish dis good or bad o.o?
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