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  1. Hmm, then I'll do more testings on the bg's later. I have a question about the corruption free Zymeth and ungodly Yvaine, I made it that when Zymeth and Yvaine enter the Flesh Crucible, they'd be in their powerful forms. Thing is, when they died, they couldn't be revived. How can I solve this?
  2. K so I successfully managed to have the archer and basllistaman have the Life Siphon battle gear through the default battle gear as you instructed. My problem is the Teleport battle gear. I did make the Spirit Warriors and Pack Master have the Teleport battle gear but they won't do the action no matter what. Also, I made the Kabuki Warrior have the teleport battle gear but same problem, he won't teleport no matter what but weird thing is that he does the Stardust animation. Know how to resolve this?
  3. How do I switch the battle gear tho? I went to the Data_BattleGear section of the editor and I don't know which column is the ID. Believe me, I did read the first page but I still don't get how to switch. :/
  4. .

  5. Hi! I'd like a mod with these changes: - Dragon Archer: after entering the shrine, instead of Zen Arrows, he acquires the "Life Siphon" battle gear (same as Warlock's) (rice, water, training time stay the same) - Ballistaman: with Druidess' blessing, instead of Totem, he acquires the "Life Siphon" battle gear. - Kabuki Warrior: after entering shrine, instead of Stardust, he acquires the "Teleport" battle gear (same as Koril) (rice, water, training time stay the same) - Pack Master: with Druidess' blessing, instead of Howl, he acquires the "Teleport" battle gear. - Spirit Warriors: if possible, I'd like them to have the "Teleport" battle gear as well. - Zymeth: after entering Warlock's Tower, he's in his "corruption-free" form (like in the last mission of Kenji's Journey: Dragon Path). Training time is the same as when a master warlock is being trained. Rice cost: 250, Water cost: 100. Also, to switch Zymeth back to normal, he can go to the keep with about 2 seconds of training time and zero rice/water costs. - Yvaine: after entering Flesh Crucible, she's in her most powerful form like the one in Grayback's Journey. Still make her killable (because if I recall correctly, she couldn't be killed in that form in the campaign) but yeah, just more powerful. Training time is the same as when an Overseer is being trained. Rice/Water cost: 100. To switch her back to normal, same as Zymeth: go to keep with about 2 seconds of training time and zero rice/water costs. - Diseased Ones can run as fast as Unclean and Infested with the "Leafstep" technique learned Can you please tell me how to make these changes step-by-step? or maybe make me a mod with these changes?