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  1. ribesg

    Forum Français

    *8 years later* Hi, I've recently restarted the French Battle Realms Community at http://battle-realms.fr/ Feel free to join! French only... yeah Salut, j'ai récemment recréé la communauté francophone Battle Realms ici: http://battle-realms.fr/ Venez nombreux! Ribesg
  2. ribesg

    [mod] Kenji & Texture Pack Mod V1.00

    How the fuck can this be possible... I think, one day, I will continue this mod. Don't know when, don't know why, but I want to continue. I have no time for that. For now. Please excuse me.
  3. elo.. just askin... how can u make multiple heros i.e: 10 arahs, etc.. pls answer on my post in the forumsss. plsssss or if its a mod just gimme link/s... k?

  4. ribesg

    Kevlahnota's Mod V2.00

    Hey guy, you where not allowed to take my nickname.
  5. ribesg

    How Do You Greet?

    In french : HELLO = Bonjour GOOD BYE = Au Revoir More easy : HI = Salut BYE = Salut lol we have same word for Hi and Bye
  6. ribesg

    Kevlahnota's Mod V2.00

  7. ribesg

    Modding Battlereams.dat

    Find by yourself, it's so easy... If you can't find this alone, you can't mod BR.
  8. ribesg

    Modding Battlereams.dat

    Already said Click Here
  9. ribesg

    Kevlahnota's Mod V2.00

    This is what I want to do for this mod : - 1 Titan for each clan : the Nightvol is the first one, I don't know what we can do for over clans. Maybe add totally new units. - 1 Hero with the Orb for each clan. Kenji with the orb for the Dragon, Zymeth with the Orb for the Lotus... and I don't know for the Serpent and the Wolf ! Ok, I think we will add Titans in a next mod version (3.00 or 4.00). You can modify the 2.01 mod, fix the bugs and make the Nightvol like a normal Hero -> 2.02 Version PS : I'm Ribesg
  10. ribesg

    Kevlahnota's Mod V2.00

    He is really too powerful. If he can regain his life, by any way, he will be invincible. It's better like this
  11. ribesg

    Kevlahnota's Mod V2.00

    I'll be absent from July 19th till August 2nd. I will release a 2.01 Version without bugs already fixed. We will make a 2.02 Version. I'll edit this post EDIT : Kevlahnota's Mod V2.01 What's new : See Read-me. Download with FileFront Download with Megaupload
  12. ribesg

    What's Your Real Name?

    I'm Gaël
  13. ribesg

    Modding Battlereams.dat

  14. ribesg

    A Challenge?

    lol stop flood We don't speak about a Map Editor ! We know that he WorldMaster already exist... We speak about a map & UNIT editor, like in Age of Empires.