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  1. Hello guys, may I know what could be the reason why nothing changes when I changed the value "02" to "00" in the address 00171198. It is for the Very High level of detail in the game. Hoping for answers. There is nothing wrong in the PC because I tested it in some games. Thanks.
  2. I'm back playing battle realms again. I like this game very much....

  3. he Doesn't need to reupload it, it works it's because, of your SLOW internet!
  4. marami pa yung signature kumpara sa reply.
  5. because, that mod has very affected the stats of every hero!
  6. Gregor that's why because, I only copy and paste it.
  7. I will tell you the request to gregor okay. Or I'll try you want okay. But Oja Clan I can't edit the bg effect okay. Sorry! But I've send the request already. Wait gray wolf or werewolf. Ok done the file but not exactly okay: Mod FILE :http://www.2shared.com/file/wuXrGauh/Battle_Realms.html Thank you for adding me as friend
  8. For wolf ok but for damaging lotus Lik wildeye 123 said: The least effective: Serpent's Blind Flash The most irritating: Wolf's Slow. the most accurate: Lotus' Black Lightning. the OK charge: Dragon's Stun I agree.
  9. yes try this: My mod by gregor8356:http://www.2shared.com/file/TfTb18Vm/Battle_Realms_Tarrant_mod.html My perfect mod for me:http://www.2shared.com/file/Hg7DlphY/Battle_Realms_Zymeth_88.html On my pefect Mod all types of Kenji can be playable. Kenji 3 Serpent same power to Kenji one with the dragon. if you want set him to default power. Serpent Peasant-> Serpent Keep-> Kenji 3 Serpent or new version one with the orb. On my Tarrant Mod Peasant Serpent-> Serpent Stables-> Tarrant with bg Soul Chill. You like it? You want instructions?
  10. if you like new maps you need a worldmaster. or download it here in this website. Tarrant? I don't think if he can have a range.
  11. request to a member gregor8356 he can do it if he like.
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