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  1. well shit gonna have to wait then, thanks for the replies, and expect to see me on the servers every once in a blue moon
  2. assuming I fail, can I reapply? If not I'll simply wait till I have reliable access
  3. The only issue I see with the application process is that I must log regular matches with members and I don't know if I can do that, I don't have my license yet and as such cant get to a place with an acceptable ping
  4. I was a little curious when I got invited to the Lotus steam group, I had never heard of the user who invited me and have had my current steam account for a minimal amount of time, but apparently while playing TF2 I caught someone's eye and was added, I thought of filing an application to join but then as I remembered I have satellite internet all of my hopes and dreams came crashing down but beyond all that, I was wondering what the clan's overall policy on skill level is for potential members, I am terrible at most FPS games, I would consider myself a skillful player and then I go online, I have learned something from the rare occasions I can emerge blinking from my grotto and join modern gaming society all of those hours I spend offline mean nothing, sure in a game like COD I can go online and top the board, but I hate call of duty and the pretentious pricks who play it, then I decided to get TF2 on my shiny new steam account and I was immediately shown how much I suck I have the coordination of a cactus with the reflexes of a day old turkey sandwich, if I ever hope to join the clan, I am going to have to beef up my game, my question is how, I have sporatic and minimal access to broadband without these services I fear I will stay in the bottom of the barrel with the kid who refuses to use anything but the default classes in every game he plays what do I do Lotus what do I do
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