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  1. Good idea, for now i added the offsets with the data. Also many types can be found back in the enums of section 1. Sadly i didn't found out yet how to link the enums with the data automatic, can't find any reference to eachother in the file. probably im missing it, but its not hard to match them on sight http://download.wizatek.be/BattleRealms.exe // Edit Updated it again, it will now edit and save the byte/int/float values. Strings are not possible yet because it just edits the bytes on the offsets and it would mess up the file if the string was shorter or longer
  2. Hi I am this friend at the moment its just a viewer, it shows the second section. I made the viewer with Blankname's guidance on the structure. Making a viewer is 10x easier then making it also able to write the file again, but atleast the mysterys about the battlerealms.dat file are uncovered. u can download this viewer here : http://download.wizatek.be/Debug.rar This weekend i want to try if i am able to write the file, and make a editor for it
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