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  1. Whole comic this time Part 10: L-r Fever Again based on a true story
  2. Oh my. It's been a while since I was last here. I'm glad you guys caught on and started drawing on your own. Happy I started a "movement" of sorts. Well, I guess it's time to get back in...
  3. Hey! I was busy with exams and summer vacations, but now I'm back. This time it's a bit larger Part 9: stoneMcCthulhu Based on a true story
  4. Part 8: Tristan and Kitten It's double story time Edit: took a better photo (and some minor changes)
  5. Ī¤hank you guys! Oh my god! Thank you Zubica! Hope you have set the flamethrower on 'min' and it won't burn my face Please don't make text above my avatar "Angry Greek" (btw this is my 7th post)
  6. I was kinda busy this week Part 5: Chilly
  7. It was going to be a rocket launcher, but I failed Part 4: Bloodyx
  8. Part 3: Seven Ignore the little scribble beneath the line
  9. Part 2: Dr. Obvious
  10. People of Lotus Clan Part 1: LjubicaZubica I will do more lotus clan members soon
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