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  1. I've also modified RA2 when I was seven. Now at 14, I'm studying C# and VB.net. Galing talaga ng pinoy! Kuya modder, pakiexplain naman kung pano gawin yung BattleRealms.dat? dibale po fast-learner naman ako. ehehehe..
  2. happy birthday^^

  3. http://download.softpedia.ro/dl/b2f324f92d...NHANCE/vtp6.zip Vista Transformation Pack for Windows XP. This is only for theme and not the whole windows vista features....
  4. When will our archiver be released.
  5. I agree with filopryd.. we really have connections as both countryman.. For me Gaihla sucks... still weaker than budo... her only use for me is for economy... i get to put here near my ricefields to grow my rice faster.
  6. And teppo too... of course because he is the destroyer of buildings... but i can only vote one... too bad..
  7. for me, Ivaine of course... she has freeze and shoots ice to the enemy... with a great impact.. very cool for stunning(freezing) the enemies.
  8. They look more Asian to me... The Japanese Ashigaru Musket Vs. Manchu Red Muskets. hahaha!!
  9. i cant understand you all!! ukininayo amin!! di ko kayo maintindihan!! mga putang ina nyo!! ukininayo!! joke lang to a!! testing lang!! only Filopride can read this... hehehe...
  10. Ohh` yeah!! A school went paranoid just because of that??? Is it a democratic country??
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