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  1. twentius

    Blinding Blizzard(4)

  2. twentius


  3. twentius

    Day After Night (4)

  4. twentius

    [mod] Kenji & Texture Pack Mod V1.00

    I've also modified RA2 when I was seven. Now at 14, I'm studying C# and VB.net. Galing talaga ng pinoy! Kuya modder, pakiexplain naman kung pano gawin yung BattleRealms.dat? dibale po fast-learner naman ako. ehehehe..
  5. happy birthday^^

  6. twentius

    To Windows Vista Users

    http://download.softpedia.ro/dl/b2f324f92d...NHANCE/vtp6.zip Vista Transformation Pack for Windows XP. This is only for theme and not the whole windows vista features....
  7. twentius

    We Have Moved And Are Now Back Up!

    When will our archiver be released.
  8. twentius

    Worst Hero Ever

    I agree with filopryd.. we really have connections as both countryman.. For me Gaihla sucks... still weaker than budo... her only use for me is for economy... i get to put here near my ricefields to grow my rice faster.
  9. twentius

    Favorite Wotw Hero

    And teppo too... of course because he is the destroyer of buildings... but i can only vote one... too bad..
  10. twentius

    Favorite Wotw Hero

    for me, Ivaine of course... she has freeze and shoots ice to the enemy... with a great impact.. very cool for stunning(freezing) the enemies.
  11. maybe it would arrive sooner...
  12. twentius

    Musket Mayhem

    They look more Asian to me... The Japanese Ashigaru Musket Vs. Manchu Red Muskets. hahaha!!
  13. twentius

    Russian Language

    i cant understand you all!! ukininayo amin!! di ko kayo maintindihan!! mga putang ina nyo!! ukininayo!! joke lang to a!! testing lang!! only Filopride can read this... hehehe...
  14. Ohh` yeah!! A school went paranoid just because of that??? Is it a democratic country??
  15. twentius

    Battle Realms Soundtracks 64kbs

    I like the swans pool.. hehe