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  1. You dead?

    1. Berry
    2. Dracco
    3. fever


      took an arrow to the knee

  2. Minia

    People Still Alive?

    My goodness, people are still alive?
  3. Minia

    Happy New Year - 2017

  4. Happy new year folks!

    1. Berry


      HAPPY NEW YEAR MOTHER F*************************************************!

    2. Crystalitar


      Im gonna find you, you got a reply but i didnt while i posted one first #jelious

      But happy new year bro ~

  5. Day 3 of Bastard December, my wallet continues to empty itself as more sales pour out of games and shops. I have continued my quest to get enough XP for the USS Missouri in World of Warships, doing so has already cost me a great loss and I am still far but determined to finish. I've also woken up with the announcement of the release date for the France DLC of Euro Truck sim. Which I am prepared to take a loan to buy after having purchased RWBY figures which have upset my bank account. I've found these sacrifices so harsh my addiction to cigarettes has been relieved as I can't afford them, due to these circumstances I have found stealing cigarettes from family is the best solution. 

    1. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      Brace yourself.

      Christmas is coming.


    1. CashPrizes


      Avatar looks awesome!

    2. Minia


      I edited it myself :D

  7. So anyone else got battlefield and wanna get a squad going?

  8. Well, apparently I'm VAC banned on my alt. That's great...

    1. Se7en


      If you used the same phone number as 2 step authentication on that account as well as any of your other alts they will all get VACd. So you better transfer any valuable items to an account not affected. 

    2. Minia


      Nothing of value are on my alts, never put any protection on them either. Only bothered with it on my main, made it easier when playing with a group of friends. Thanks for the info though.

  9. Minia

    Away for a Month

    Have a good time
  10. Got a message from paypal: "Brace yourself. We can exclusively reveal that the Steam summer sale will go live on 23rd June. Now you know when it's going to happen, you can get ready for the savings." They now know when my wallet is getting fucked...

    1. Crystalitar


      That's brilliant

  11. Minia

    Looking to cash out tf2 items

    Yes, and they pay a low price for what it is worth. Remember these are companies that want to make profit, they're not people who want nice items I'd say try and sell as much of it as you can on it's own, overall you'll get more money for it although it takes more time of course.
  12. I tried to play tf2 again, I remembered why I hated Sparky so much. Damn spies and their knives.

  13. RiP Roman Torchwick... lot of rwby characters dying recently...

  14. Minia

    *RESOLVED* - Banned for no reason

    As a former administrator I'll go ahead and shed some light, a voteban is only active for 45 minutes, unfortunately you'll have to wait it out since we can't do much about it. However our current admins will try to find this Algkenos guy and have a look at his logs and if he is found guilty he will definitely be given a timeout. Unfortunately I can't guaruntee that we will find him since you have not provided a steamID. In the future use the "status" command in the console to obtain someone's steamID for us thank you.