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  1. fever


    I will try to get there...should be able to make it...don't want to cramp you boys style though
  2. About time the staff stopped hoarding the emojis in the staff room......NAZI MODS etc
  3. fever

    My dudes

    Not wearing the right uniform...how come we made this dude staff? /s
  4. fever

    My dudes

  5. fever

    People Still Alive?

    That is quite possibly the best I've ever seen in my life....I think I cracked a rib from laughing.
  6. fever

    People Still Alive?

    We should keep to posting on different days otherwise this shit might all kick off again lul
  7. fever

    People Still Alive?

  8. Deathy is famous v8MAWK7.png

  9. fever

    People Still Alive?

  10. fever

    People Still Alive?

  11. fever

    Memes/images/random (Public)

    Best version...same salt levels
  12. fever

    Interesting Music.

    Blame Summit1G
  13. You need a new game....said this in jan 2015...clan I'm in atm has had big numbers, then dropped to less than half a dozen, now it's back up to over 300...you just need to find that game

  14. fever

    Anyone play D&D?

    No worries DB, I'm down to clown when it's time to play again