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  1. That moment when you have completed a game with all side quests done and you no longer know what to do with yourself....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. fever


      Going for 100% avhievements is a good shout but holy fuck you're opening a pandora's box trust me

    3. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      Nearly done with that for ME 1.

      Up for ME 2 soon. Damnit. I won't be able to finish a full playthrough of all 3 parts before ME:Andromeda... -_-

    4. BloodRedWidow


      Genuinely tempted to go for 100% achievements... >=]

  2. I'm scared of a let play of RE7 for gods' sake....

    1. fever


      It looks good, got to admit

  3. Jesus H Corbett, my eyes XD and i can beat that one...
  4. *shifty eyes* *throws rug over kennel in hopes Skaila doesn't notice* Yup. =]
  5. Saturday is a massive pain in the ass for me. Sundays are 100% better. Edit: I wont be able to make DnD this weekend anyways - friends bday hootnanny. But I'll roll with it if the group decides on Saturday. Excited to be getting back to DnD =D
  6. Merry Xmas from theĀ UK =]

    1. fever


      Merry Christmas :)

  7. *takes whiskey bottle from you and drinks from it* Not much apparently XD
  8. DAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIING!!! Where have you been? :3 Permission to change Troll's title to 'Unfortunate Bystander'?
  9. Yeah! I wanna play my badass druid again :3 In terms of times i can do most weekends. Afternoons are a pain for me, so evenings are usually best.
  10. Anything going on this weekend?
  11. I wont be there this Saturday - Halloween shindig.
  12. Ermergerd. Tell me you'll be roleplaying as Queen Elizabeth from Blackadder.
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