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  1. Thank you hail for damaging my car, now I get a new one <3

    1. Minia


      Just waiting until insurance companies just say "Well cars should be kept safe in a garage".

    2. LiNKs


      Then id say tell that to my landlord, because he told me I didn't need a garage and was too cheap to build one.

  2. Let's see how long I can leave my computer on before someone notices i'm here.

    1. Minia



  3. My computer says its 24 and sunny outside, but outside shows hail and lightning...

  4. "It's" alive..

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    2. fever
    3. LiNKs


      Maybe your the bot Dr obvious

    4. Crystalitar


      More and more people....

  5. I currently have no time for the 5 games, I think for now Id like skip the games.
  6. So I am able to wear the L-r tag right now?
  7. 8:33 PM - L | vALTROID LOL CANADA: *eats travis*

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    2. Hello Kitty
    3. TheUltimateM


      Is this a new fetish among americans, I mean we love bacon but not that much...

    4. Minia


      The duk am I reading?

  8. Don't worry i'll get him back!
  9. About 3 months ago I started playing Steel HL. I started spending all my time playing matches and practicing that I forgot about Lotus and my duties here. I quit my ugc team back in september and thought I could start focusing on Lotus more but I wasn't interested in TF2 anymore which is the reason I decided to leave Lotus a few weeks ago. I took a break and started skating and doing other things, recently I've slowly been getting back into TF2 so I decided to apply for Lotus again. I've missed you all.! Name: Travis (TMLinks) Link to your Steam Profile and your Steam ID: Steam Profile - http://steamcommunity.com/id/TMLinksThatTurtle/ Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:45014842 Age: 16 Approximate Total Time Played TF2, DODS and or CSS: 1357 hours total. Approximate Total Time Played on Lotus Clan Servers: Maybe 500 hours? Previous Clan Activity: Lotus Global admin Location: Canada. Main Class: Medic. Favorite Lotus Server: Texas dustbowl #2 Tell us about yourself and why you want to join Lotus Clan: I enjoy skateboarding, playing hockey, baseball, and video games.
  10. New Minecraft update.....

    1. Ruby


      diggy diggy hole

    2. JB.


      any cool stuff?

    3. Ruby


      lotsa cool stuff :D

  11. What server where you on when this happened?
  12. 10:52 PM - L-r | Minia the Nine Tailed Fox: Matthew's mom is so short like him she hooked up with legos dude

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    2. LiNKs


      Sad thing is you don't know what my mom looks like.

    3. TheUltimateM


      I meant personality wise, but even though I dont i judge it by you, shoulda said justin beiber

    4. macamoose


      Except Romney is a cunt

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