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  1. Invader Zim gets a movie! :D

  2. Got approached by a guy who tought i was a game developer because my thread was stickied on the undertale discussions hub. Huehuehue

  3. So how's Lotus? :P

    1. Se7en


      Induced coma

    2. Crystalitar


      Oh... that's unfortunate, i was hoping to see if i could join a game again of practice, if that's still a thing?

    3. fever


      Think it's your turn to run it this week Se7en kappa

  4. Awesome seeing the Woman's March everywhere in the world

  5. Nintendo Switched my money into games

    1. fever


      Have you laid money down at the feet of our Japanese overlords already?  

    2. Crystalitar


      Yes, my Arms^tm and Switch^tm -ing my life to become Breath of the wild^tm

  6. Have a happy new year everyone :D

  7. zGB9p9E.jpg

    What color is this ditto?

    1. D-Bee


      What is a "ditto"?


    2. fever


      The bigger issue is why does the girl have a case of pink ear?  She needs to see a doctor immediately.

    3. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty

      white and gold huehuehue

  8. pokemon moon has engulfed my brain, its so good

  9. Im in germany berlin! going to short film festival~ any germaniers GUTENTAG!!

  10. What is this website.....

    1. CashPrizes
    2. Se7en


      It ain't pornhub

    3. Crystalitar


      how many times have the layout and look changed tough, im not used to this :o

  11. Are the events still announced through the steam group? Wanted to join when i would get them but missed some :c

  12. Never check a tree in D&D. It might ruin your first combat.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Crystalitar


      I made one mistake to chase a running bullywug so he then began to drag me away. Allies didnt attack the owl. Lots of missed checks to save the grabbed palladin. Lots of failed checks to calm the owl, lots of failed checks to save me. Pixie was too afraid to fight had 2 hp. Dragonborn was done with our fuckups xD so yeah, some poor decisions and really poor rolls

    3. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      Really poor rolls and bad decisions.

      That sounds pretty much like every awesome D&D campaign ever. After all, if you only had good rolls, it would be too easy and beginning to be boring.

      Also, don't listen to Koko. He's going Leeroy Jenkins a lot. ;)

    4. koKo_



  13. So, hi, out of the blue, but im gonna play my firsy d&d session next saturday, making a char is really fun, and im gonna play with 4 other fellow newbies, the one who invited us all is gonna be the dm. 4th edition, and i picked the char with class who gotta spend the most. Rogue kobold. Spent 91 gold. I rolled an 18 for my dex. Now im already planning ahead what feats i want and the dm is laughing bc im gonna be the fastest asshole. Now my other fellow players are already buying stuff to specifically halt me xD This game is gonna be the first and the most messy game and im gonna enjoy every last bit of it <3
  14. I almost got an heart attack... the forum.. upgraded??? :o

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