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  1. 1. From a place you will never see comes a sound you will never hear 2. You can run but you will only die tired 3. They call me god for I am always protecting men 4. I Stand Alone Against the darkness of night, My finger on the trigger Prepared for the fight. I did not choose The time nor place, And until now I've never seen his face. Twas not my choice to stop this strife, To be the one To take his life. And yet it seems It was my call, My destiny To stand on the wall. Someone had to... So I Stand Alone Yet surrounded by friends, Who like me bear the burden Of defending freedom till the end.... -Steven P. Prince 5. I lay sweat dripping from summer heat Yet I wait and watch them while they eat; The wait is over, their meal is done. I watch their movement, the wind, the sun. Slow, steady pressure, I aim, I squeeze; Pause for a moment, a passing breeze. My crosshairs steady, My trigger cold, I feel the recoil and watch him fold. They begin to scream and open fire, Bodies twist in razor wire. The mission accomplished, I grab my gear. I'll clean my rifle in the rear. Fill free to add guys and girls
  2. I think Seven is the best, he was true to this clan but now he left. May his skill carry in all of us
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