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  1. Wew many watchtower eh? Allright I'll try, and how can i get kenji in brother sehk model? i think that cool because he can teleport. Thank you again.
  2. Thanks but i can't build well, its require watchtower then i build many watchtower and then still can't build, can you tell me why? Oh one again, the druidess don't have a bg, why? i must train her or something? please tell me. Thank you!! Sorry for my bad English.
  3. Ya you right :v. I was too lazy to find your mod. Can you give me your best mod? If yes thanks
  4. Aaa yeah second is Zymeth Hey your Kenji are dizzy guy! so he attack random maybe?
  5. Change the target? What do you mean Now i know how to spawn all heroes in one keep you change the Innate Ability then set the ability to summon unit. first is Zymeth no Corruption, am I right?
  6. Ultimate clan master I can do that but can you tell me how you spawn all heroes in one keep
  7. oohh can you explain how in Situvn data editor And yeah Gregor why u mod is always error in my pc. I'm not using a trainer but if population is high, yeah the error will happen. if I'm using a trainer that happen too. Can u solve it?
  8. Hey Gregor how you spawn all hero in 1 keep is that ability or what???
  9. Ok gregor teach me about this unit so i can make my mod
  10. Okay but later i forget where the dat file Many value i change so i forget Anyway what this http://img476.imageshack.us/img476/8400/br2nr23xe.jpg i trying to open but always failed
  11. Why not using Battle Realms Data Editor??? That simple to use
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