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  1. Yo Buddy, You Still Alive


  2. What is up my dudes

  3. Just got my new gpu :D

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    2. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty

       old gpu was a radeon HD 6950 from 2011 and my new one is an MSI gtx 1070 gaming x

    3. Radio_Activity


      A transition to medium settings to ultra. What's your resolution?

    4. fever


      How are you getting on with the new card?

  4. I sometimes feel like I'm surrounded by idiots.

  5. No Man's Sky gives you the experience of crashing...over and over and over.

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    2. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty

      Yeah, I probably won't pick it up until either price drop or something, by that time I will probably not care enough to buy it. I'm just upgrading because I am still running a radeon hd 6950 and thing is getting old.

    3. Troll


      I personally think it's gonna be a flop, way overhyped, unless they add significant content I doubt ill pick it up when it goes on sale

    4. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty

      True, plus I'm a little pissed about the stuff they said vs. what was implemented.

  6. "If britain can leave the EU maybe us states can leave the United States.

    1. macamoose


      i cant help but feel like it would be awkward if a state smack bang in the middle like kansas just left the us states hahahahahaha

    2. fever


      Texas already thinks it's doing its own thing anyway

    3. D-Bee


      Texas and Florida are shit and we'll gladly get rid of them.

  7. Anyone else excited for no man's sky?

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    2. fever


      I'm kinda more on the Star Citizen side of the galaxy

    3. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty

      I was excited until I learned it was pushed back again. I kind of dislike the multiplayer mechanics but overall I think it's interesting.

    4. Crystalitar


      I am actually looking forward to it bc it has multiplayer. Pretty cool that meeting someone is a rare occurance. Now to only get a better pc

  8. What would you do if you won the lottery....? for those non U.S. citizens, what would you do with 1.4 billion moneyz

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    2. CashPrizes


      Hookers and blow? Or....... just buy a manburger

    3. fever
    4. Crystalitar


      get a new house, 3 computers, a gecko as pet. donate some stuff. Give money to small projects.

      Buy 100 undertale copies and raffle them away

  9. Got accepted to my top choice college :D

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    2. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty

      I am going to a place called Arcadia university and studying engineering then transferring to get a biomedical engineering degree. I will be studying for 6 years and will receive a masters in engineering and a b.a in biomedical engineering

    3. koKo_


      noice, good luck :)

    4. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty

      who needs luck when you got dank memes

  10. how did the hipster burn his tongue?

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    2. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty

      There was a prison break and I saw a midget climb up the fence. As he jumped down her sneered at me and I thought, well that’s a little condescending.

    3. fever


      I burnt my Hawaiian pizza last night... I should've put it on aloha setting.

    4. Troll


      what did one bean say to the other bean? how you bean?

  11. Make sure to spam the dank memes and be a cool guy like Pepe-RamaSamaChanKun
  12. Back from the dead

    1. Cowboy Crow

      Cowboy Crow

      Dem some dank legs.

    2. fever


      It's the second coming

    3. macamoose
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