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  1. just started playing BR again....

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    2. Supyo


      Hey Can you teach me how to use XVI32 for battle realms or show me some video for tutorial.. im from PH too! or add me on facebook for easier way?!

    3. Supyo


      Coz im a newbie here! ^^

    4. Supyo


      i forgot here's my e-mail rfiguerrez@yahoo.com

  2. Nice Stuff! just a question, did you manage to replace the monk/ninja in the keep with other units? or it's still not possible? thanks.
  3. Hi Kevla.. I hope you dont mind if I will add you on my friend's list... I guess Im just awed with the things that you do...great... btw, Im also a pinoy like you.. and much older.. he he

  4. I'm Anthony, well it's a long time since my last post about my Kenji Mod. I'm sorry to say but I've withdrawn from modding battle realms as I focus on modifying new games due to lack of players in our area . Battle Realms has been great for all of these years, but only 2 of us are left in playing it. Thank you. Current Mods: http://www.youtube.com/user/kevlahnota
  5. eio, im a fellow pilipino.... tanung l po a... panu po gawa marami hero parehas sampu arah... at etc... sagot po sa akin post sa forumzz plzzzz

  6. oi!! kailan lalabas yung version 2????

  7. kuya pede moko turuan mag mod ng battle realms.dat nahihirapan ako e @_@ pano ba palabasin si kenji sa dragon keep? ANO CODES?!

  8. sir d ko magets hehe xenxa., tpos k na yun Dragon Keep tas click Text -> Hex add 00 betwwen code d ko magets yung 69.. san ko ta2ype yun? sa Text string of Hex?., pno ko pla mla2man kng na edit ko yung Battle Realms.dat?

  9. dude pano mo napalitan ung BG ni kenji

  10. pilipino ka pla tol.. hehehe.. pagawa aq ng video ng BR pde?

  11. marcelo_20xx is the one who make the guide not me and ribesg for the complete list including wotw characters, but to answer your question, the battle gears can be interchange but it has an animation step before it will activate, and only within it's clan only. you can change the battle gear but there's limitation. those battle gears that does'nt require special animation are the ones who can be use. inside the battle realms.dat there is a invalid battle gear table that makes them invalid if used by another character. if you can disable that maybe you can freely interchange anything. you try to replace a peasant model with anything except other clans peasants. and build a peasant house.... tell me what happens...
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