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  1. AIex


    Any homies going to this orgy? We got 4 boys going (if gloves is allowed in the country)
  2. AIex

    My dudes

    nice to see people alive
  3. AIex

    My dudes

    How's life treating you? ya boy's living the dream. Alicks
  4. AIex


    Bring back boobs thread
  5. AIex

    Useful tips etc

    you don't need good aim for high rank, just have hands and know where to look.
  6. Hello

    1. AIex


      I think, I dunno dude. Maybe like a hi at best. Maybe that's pushing it and it's actually a H

    2. macamoose
    3. Se7en


      you're looking for?

  7. man i was so lazy with this shit
  8. Do you still love me my friends?

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    2. Domino


      Still? When did anyone

    3. AIex


      listen here m8^

    4. macamoose



  9. seems like only you and me are pure
  10. After hosting more tournaments and going to more practices than staff it's nice to be kicked because I didn't put 4 characters in my name to show my allegiance to a dead clan. Doesn't really matter seeing that there are only 5 good people in it. Big shout out to JB, Fever, Domino, 7, gloves, troll and big MAC. People that should be kicked by your rules are; TheUltimateM, Ultimate, TheRealProdigyInProgress, Minia, Marinecrab, ♫Cloud Strife♫, I Karnt Speel, Kadzi and more (This was...

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    2. fever


      LOL...the stories I have heard that you don't know I know...and these aren't from any Lotus forums xD

    3. Se7en


      wat? Nig I didn't offend anyone WTF

    4. fever


      5 months of name changing and not talking to people? :P

  11. rip David Bowie

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    2. koKo_


      ehh my Spanish isn't good enough what does it say

    3. Se7en


      The title reads: David Bowie still in great shape.

    4. koKo_


      lol they're keeping up with the times I see

  12. AIex

    Anime Broadcasting

    Shig is good, ending is great Dropped ogre lord and god eater but seems people like ogre. Death Parade is top 5 of this year Good luck with Gintama, the first 60 eps are pretty meh but after that it becomes a solid 9/10 and unlimited is not as good as Night
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