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    My interest is Lady GaGa and cute stuffs.
    I like to dance. . . a lot. (I'm a slut so yeah)
    I also like to draw. Someday I want to become a fashion designer (Yeah right as if).
    I often do selfies and like my poses can be really awkward but hell I love meh some damn selfies. I can be bit of an idiot but whatever, being an idiot is fun. I want a fun life okay! okay.. I love chocolates coz they are sweet. . .like obviously only a twit wouldn't understand what is a chocolate. Yeah, I can also be foul mouthed so expect somethings but dont worry mostly I foul mouth myself, I dont even know why but meh. In battle realms I like to train fan geishas,(Those damn fan geishas are sluts and I love em alot) I like to go anywhere (As long as it's fun) and sometimes I would think "Will I get rape?" (Being raped in a certain area is not fun but if you enjoyed it well that aint rape anymore). I love to wear girl skinny jeans that don't look like girly jeans. So got a problem? If you do? Go smell a fart. Just kidding but I'm serious on smelling a fart. Okaaay so I think this is "Just" it for "Awhile". (WTF!? Is this even an interest?!)
  1. LouieGaGa

    Girl Fight

    I choose fan geisha because they are my favorite and I think fan geishas are the strongest among the "geishas". In My Point Of View