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  1. For those about to rock! I salute you!

  2. Missed you all ! <3 I am doing fine! Ya know...university style! About that! I had an incident the other day! So we were hanging with some buddies, having a BBQ at my house and of course...I was the DJ (BadAssedSpartanEmote) (SpartanWithGlasses). So after many hours of Hard Rock and Pure Steel Metal, the mood turned Black, having Rotting Christ, Dimmu Borgir and finally Djent, meaning....MESHUGGAH ( <3 ). When I played Bleed, I suddenly saw a Police Jeep comming towards the yard! That was when..Spartan knew...he fucked up. They told me to chill, and to shut down the music cause the neighbours complained about it. So this was it...every day, at 6-9 PM there is a Metal Lesson to my Neighbours, starting with the classics, Eloy, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin and we go up to Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, ACCEPT etc. In a few weeks I will send them their examination papers. Lets see what they've learned! No one, messes with Metal...No one messes with Spurtan! \w/ AHOY!
  3. Just passing by! Missed Lotus Lounge... love you lads.
  4. Happy!? New!? Year!? :D

    1. Jesusfreak


      Not for France at the moment.

    1. fever


      Very good, I'll probably buy this based on your review. Good work :)

    2. Spartan Kratos

      Spartan Kratos

      Thank you very much brother!

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