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  1. I think Data_Units : Tooltip(Integer) ,TooltipDesc(Interger) and TooltipDesc2(Interger) ex: Kenji : 484 - 485 - 486
  2. it your request : not crash game. BG Critical strike can regain hp,mana while attacking. Lotus clan : 1 remove Zymeth and add Zymeth with Orb 2 remove Soban and add NightVol with BG summoned unlimit Hordlings Woft clan: 1 remove Grayback and add Grayback end game. Woft keep you want remove heros? and add grayback slave,longtooth slave. links: https://www.mediafire.com/?z078foevrl0e65a I think you edit code of gergor Bg created unit that deleted? lead to Battle_realms_F.exe has stopped working. I did so. and the game crashed.
  3. link: https://www.mediafire.com/?4lxceiivasdh088
  4. when you upgrade to kenji with orb by enter to Dragon's shrine, kenji 1 in the keep can't summoned again. i can't fix it. heros used BG upgrade, you can summoned unlimit heros. i can't fix it. sorry Ton_Mar.
  5. here links: https://www.mediafire.com/?fafz1ccvq2ilgwq
  6. very fast Hordlings. links : https://www.mediafire.com/?xfjty2p82g95wks
  7. yes.I have a lot changes it. - mainly BG upgrade heros. - speed of hordlings. this is my mod. I attach no effect, because many will effect the game crashed. you help me test it -clan dragon: + Otomo can summon NighVol when using Bg innate. NightVol have summoned Hordlings BG. + While Otomo will summon dragon accompanied by kenji 3. 3 kenji dragon has the innate capacity to counter. + Teppo when summoned from the accompanying Keep Otomo capable stunned. - clan serpent: + Shinja can summon NighVol when using Bg innate. + Taro when summoned from the accompanying Keep Shinja capable stunned. - clan Lotus: + Soban have summoned Zymeth with ORB. + when Zymeth using Bg have NigthVol. + Yvaine when summoned from the accompanying Keep Ungodly Yvaine,and have capacity to counter. -clan Woft: + Grayback when summoned from the accompanying Keep Grayback end game.Grayback end game have capacity to counter. + Wildeye and Grayback slave are summoned at the same time, Grayback have capable stunned. I mainly general mod computer can use all. .it very funny. unit all clan 40. links: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g9q409hanhrsp76/Battle+Realms.dat I do this mod and learning in Gergor and SituVn
  8. This problem I have told you before. When upgrading through training heros die, will not be summoned again. i can't fix it . also if you use the upgrade Bg summon heros continuous and has no end. about hordlings I fix it. more speed for hordlings. I tried to add in Bg upgrade your mod : dragon: kenji =>shrine. serpent : kenji 2 =>Thieves Guild woft : grayback slave and longtool slave =>add BG with Druidess. lotus: Yvaine =>Training Yard. only Zymeth is error, because normal Zymeth was recorded as Nightvol. links repack: https://www.mediafire.com/?fafz1ccvq2ilgwq
  9. @Gregor : Picture in your signature is the development of self-BR? when it can be downloaded? if there is please link up on my mail. Email: [email protected] Thanks Gregor.
  10. I do not have time to test it! links: https://www.mediafire.com/?fafz1ccvq2ilgwq
  11. - 60 population all clan. - serpent starts with : + large : 2 x kenji 3 serpent,1x kenji 2 serpent , 1x kenji no gun. +medium: 2x kenji 3 serpent - dragon starts with: + large : 1x kenji W.O.Dragon , 1x kenji 3 dragon , 1x kenji 2 dragon, 1x kenji no gun. + medium: 1x kenji W.O.Dragon , 1x kenji 3 dragon - woft starts with: + large : 2x grayback end game , 2x grayback slave. + medium: 2x grayback end game - lotus starts with : + large: 2x zymeth with orb, 2x nightvol with Bg summon hordling unlimit. +medium: 1x zymeth with orb, 1x nightvol with BG. - trained horses HP: 250 =>900 links : https://www.mediafire.com/?frpux2exrkb1d43
  12. Lotus peasants =>warlock's tower =>hordlings. Hordlings speed move same with Vetkin. Hordlings with BG critical strike . this mod : https://www.mediafire.com/?uc0qetrg56ebk9x Here is my mod like your request, but I changed that creates heroes by BG update. + dragon clan: - Kenji young => Shrine => Bg upgrade to Kenji 3 W.O.Dragon. + serpent clan: - Kenji 2 with gun => Thieves Guild => Bg upgrade to Kenji 3 serpent. + clan woft: - Grayback slave => Druidess => BG upgrade to Grayback end game - Longtooth slave => Druidess => Longtooth slave with Bg upgarade to Longtooth. + Lotus clan: - Zymenth => Training Yard => Zymenth with Bg upgrade. -Yvaine => Training Yard =>Yvaine with Bg upgrade to Ungodly Yvaine links : https://www.mediafire.com/?yd826i12cdr88f4 I hope you like it.
  13. Dear Ton_Mar! "Here are my FINAL request, I wish you can still grant it " - What I ask of you to complete an easy way. But there is a problem: When the hero of heroes in the new upgrade. and new heroes die, old heroes keep in the Summon will not be. So I will do the upgrade to the new BG hero for you. and here is a new problem arises: the hero new hero summoned upgrade unlimited. . And you want Hordling with BG ....???
  14. thật khâm phục khi ngÆ°á»Âi nÆ°á»›c ngoài lập topic việt nam.hi.mặc dù topic này lập lâu rồi, có lẽ chủ topic không online ở đây nữa.
  15. Your attention is reset to normal speed for Dragon clan? Lotus clan have the peasant go Warlock Tower will become Hordlings ? - reset normal movement and build of the dragon peasant. - Lotus peasant =>Warlock's tower => Hordlings with BG inner strength. I add BG inner strength temporarily. Bg later add what you want, I will add later. links: https://www.mediafire.com/?d2tywum5iwrr3ma
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