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  1. hahaha yes 2 years, Because years ago when I went back to see if someone replied to my question, this was like 2 years ago. IT says the site no longer available or got deleted something like that, and yesterday I was looking at my bookmarked stuff I accidentally click this site, was so surprised the site is still here, thinking it supposed to be gone . So yeah, That's the story. Okay. Back to the topic, So I need to modify the BattleGears/Abilities to make Units glows and I did that but it just stays there for 1 second then its gone. Is there anyway to make them just glow/PASSIVE until they die. Like if you summon heroes from the Keep they just start glowing, no need to click their BG. For Example, Zymeth no corruption and Kenji with dragon spirit, They just start glowing after you summoned them right. I want it to be like that, so is it possible to do that? If is it then please enlighten me, Better yet Screenshot it. Please and Thank you.
  2. Thanks. Could you make an instruction on how to make other heroes glows, like how Kenji with dragon spirit his glowing right. I want the other heroes to glow aswell, but couldn't figure out in the mod that you recommended or is there no such thing on the mod. if there is please make some instruction on how to do it? Thank you.
  3. anyone know on how to modify ur unit to make it glow (like d dragon spirit kenji) in SITUVN editor?
  4. its not working i cant save the changes even if i dont change anything it still crushed.. thx anywayz
  5. Hi! i just want a mod that make the heroes stronger double all theyre health make them as strong as grayback including necromancer remove all their weaknesses fast regenerative ability make Issyl fast like vetkin no stamina depletion when running ohh and make the three bros heroes of lotus as strong as average otomo double healh aswell demoness no stamina depletion Gaihla with the ability like the druids stopping enemy Arah longer range just a little bit Yvaine same range like longtooth Taro make his spell faster when using it Tao using his gear without costing stamina nightvol in lotus switch soban and can summon kenji-1 (regains stamina every attack cant be hit by range attack) in dragon monument for serpent switch budo with kenji with gun regains stamina every attack cant be hit by range attack and all the missing heroes can be found when u start a large or medium army make Kenji, Zymeth, Grayback, Nightvol and Taro a LITTLE bit stronger than d other heroes and i want them to glow like they have d orb or one with the dragon if possible i dont want to 1hit or 2,3 hit d units thats all make my wish come true guyz and THX!!!
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