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  1. Emma

    Hello Again!

    Whoaaa this site is fancy now!
  2. Emma

    Hello Again!

    Girls v boys highlander anyone?
  3. Emma

    Hello Again!

    Oh how I do miss those Lotus practices! What are you guys up to anyway recently? Still playing TF2? Obligatory cocaine?
  4. Emma

    Hello Again!

    Hi everyone! Hopefully some of you may remember me How are you all doing? Just wanting to catch up as it's been so long!
  5. Or you can give them all to me. For a good cause.
  6. Not at all, it's the new meta. Haven't you heard?
  7. How is Kritzing your players being a troll med?
  8. 27 keys or offers blablah.
  9. Name: zqrojcrdvtbibmk User ID: [u:1:273328612] Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198233594340 Reason: Hacking No proof because he was votebanned before I could record anything. Edit: same guy as the previous hackers that Nirrox banned.
  10. It doesn't matter what class.
  11. Two. I am trying to cash out but people are offering decent stuff haha.
  12. I have this problem on ultiduo_baloo only. I think it gets worse when the sound starts stuttering too. Drives me mad.
  13. 24 keys, open to mad offers boys.
  14. Want to start trading elsewhere plus I'm changing mains next season. TC is signed by Shade. B/O: 85 keys but I'm very open to lower offers. Keys only, TF2 and CS:GO.
  15. Emma

    Holy balls

    Who remembers "cabbage"...
  16. Emma

    Holy balls

    Hey Clim! Remember me?
  17. Is Dustbowl still alive? Every time I check, it's empty. Apologies for spam.
  18. He did indeed, I received the spam too.
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