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  1. Shit where did everyone go

  2. Chrome blocked forums since like March and I've been too lazy to switch, how y'all doing

    1. fever


      sup....I see the new update is out.  Time to reinstall tf2 I guess.

  3. Forums is somehow security blocked on my main browser but I'm alive
  4. How's everyone doing 

    1. fever


      Very good...you?

  5. koKo_

    Anyone play D&D?

    been absent from forums lately sorry My grades have been slipping lately and I'll have to get those back up before I do anything else At the earliest I'll probably have to put this on hold until the end of the semester (last week of january)
  6. koKo_

    Anyone play D&D?

    I believe DB said if he secured his job he wouldn't be able to do the Saturday time anymore? Also as it stands right now I won't be able to make Saturday mornings until the second week of December ;_;
  7. koKo_

    Anyone play D&D?

    I will be refereeing 7 and 8 year old girls football in the morning, will get back around 10:30 ish so will be able to make it hopefully
  8. koKo_

    Anyone play D&D?

    Wait...that means...I'm the one with the most D&D experience in the group now... See you in a few years
  9. koKo_

    Anyone play D&D?

    I like this idea. Here are Roren's: Personality Traits: I know a story about that. Why don't you and I have a drink? Ideals: What's the point of life if you don't live in the moment? Bonds: Let me. I got this. (Usually don't got it but it's the thought that counts) Flaws: Oh sorry I didn't know that would happen!
  10. koKo_

    Anyone play D&D?

    Alright in my defense both times I fucked up my spells I either miscounted tiles or didn't see Annun there, but yeah in general don't use aoe spells when the party is near the radius (Mechanically I attribute this to my trash observation skills and first time playing a spellcasting class; character-wise, Roren has never been in a party before and is pretty inexperienced/not used to fighting in a group and he is eager to prove himself *not doing too well in that regard either*). As for the fight with the rogue I could've easily ended it in the 1st or 2nd turn (could've just rendered him useless for a few turns and dragged him off into the side room to calm down) but I thought I would play in character; and then right before I was going to end it Dorn smited us with those thunderbolts As for planmaking, I kinda just got thrown in the middle of the encounter so I was just going along the lines of kill everything in the big room, and it didn't seem like you guys had anything else strategy-wise
  11. koKo_

    Anyone play D&D?

    I might be able to sneak in there. I expect to be back around 12:15 ish EST unless we go out for lunch (which is a possibility I'll see)
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    2. CashPrizes


      In Serbia they'd just kill em. Dobro brate

    3. Hello Kitty

      Hello Kitty

      Clowns didn't wander the streets when harambe was alive.

    4. Troll


      theres been a couple of of them doing it where i live, they both got the shit beaten out of them 

  12. koKo_

    Anyone play D&D?

    I don't know if this is because the sessions aren't very long, the encounters aren't very often, or there just haven't been many BBEG's (Big Bad Evil Guys, basically bosses, I'll refer to them as that usually lel I'm a nerd) but the exp gain seems to be pretty low. Having played for several months now I would've thought you would at least be level 6 and halfway to 7 or more. Again this could be due to a lot of factors, and I'm not saying dump a ton of exp out each session, but the whole progression of the game is to level up and take on bigger monsters
  13. koKo_


    He sounds like some Overwatch youtuber...can't name some off the top of my head oh well
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