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  1. People still play. Download gameranger and play it there no one goes on gamespy anymore. www.gameranger.com
  2. Wolf's tower charge in long game. Lotus in rush.
  3. Well this is my list: Dragon: Archers (Upgraded) Healers or Arah (depends) Serpent: Cannons (Upgraded) Lotus: Healers Wolf: Ballista (Upgraded) Longtooth
  4. Im not really a 1v1 player, but you learn a lot from 1v1's.
  5. Well this post was deleted on other topic so I will post it here.
  6. hey play more often mann

  7. Oh nvm. I fixed it i had 2 antiviruses they were collidng with eachother
  8. It should not if u get it from speedy (Baxter)
  9. No my internet isnt out but says cant connect to gamespy or gameranger same with mozilla firefox but all the rest of internet things work like messanger.
  10. I need help my muiltiplayer br and gameranger were not working so I reinstalled it and now it is saying it couldnt connect to the gameranger server.
  11. well i posted a link for you on ur topic

  12. Ask ben for a link

  13. commnt on me if you want. i can't play BR now bacause i dont know were can i download battle realms WOTW..

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