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  1. Why not expand?? Learn a new hero, I'm sick of people like you that just spend all their time playing one character.
  2. Does the team have a maximum of five players, or can any combination of five players from the team adopt the name and play games?
  3. 'Most matches' is a parameter, rip Caterpillar.
  4. Yep. reviewed and banned, thanks. Get them alts and get this outta here.
  5. The Dota Knight You try to be a good person, but the truth is everyone on your team finds you insufferable. It's not that they aren't listening to you; it's that they already muted you after 2 minutes in. Be honest… at times you can be a micromanager. Sometimes you are a bit too detailed oriented for simple pubs to understand. One of your weaknesses is adaptability to unexpected situations, but when things do go as you planned it is masterful. The real benefit of having you on the team is that sometimes the enemy hates you just as much as your teammates. If you can troll them enough to plant a seed of despair we may just win this game. Is this....true?
  6. Because when we play captain's draft, it's handy to not have them ban witch doctor.
  7. Well, I played my solo ranked games, 8-2, ranked at 2.6k, reckon I'm a fair bit higher on WD though.
  8. It's worth looking at your lineup and who you're laning with when considering arcs. Obvi is famously horrible for throwing his mana at the bad guys, so he whines all game, but fortunately he also lanes with me a fair amount and I don't know the recipe for any items other than arcs so I can keep him reasonably covered. Given that you usually play safelane, you ought to be stuck with a hard carry, which are usually less mana dependent than say, an Axe. Also worth nothing that tranqs are cheaper than arcs, which means you could grab a few claritys to tide them over or you can hand the sage's mask from your soul ring to your carry for extra regen (I think) Am I....a nerd?
  9. Just not true, not at all.
  10. I can show you how to make a build in game, if you like, it's pretty simple. PL OP though.
  11. If you want a 60% winrate you have to play one hero and get insane at it, learn the game in a comfortable environment first with a hero you really know, and then builds and styles for other heroes can come from watching while you destroy the other team.
  12. Interesting, I think I'm either desensitised or just so bad I can't tell how bad I am, Dota doesn't make me anxious at all.
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