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  1. I feel like it's been a long enough gap so I can safely post
  2. I've managed to keep a boyfriend for more than 6 months! Go me, new record!!

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    2. fever



    3. Domino


      Feels married man.. Living together xD

    4. fever


      I better get an invite....explain that one lul

  3. Happy new year my favourite bunch of weirdos!
  4. Domino

    Let's Play a Game

    and screams 'it's high noon!'
  5. Domino


    Think I'm in love with Mercy
  6. Apparently I'm now unregistered and cannot connect?
  7. Domino


    kateface#2304 pre ordered!
  8. It's the clan sluts birthday tomorrow ;)

    1. CashPrizes


      Is it that time already?

    2. D-Bee


      My Birthday was a month ago.

  9. Lo folks, I'm looking to cash out a huge chunk of my TF2 items, but I am no longer familiar with the market, any suggestions?
  10. Domino


    Beta was fun as fuck, will be buying
  11. Domino

    The Division

    When you, you know, grow up and move out of mums house and get a job, and dont have 3 months off every year with a 9-3 day, you'll appreciate taking a week off work to play games far more.
  12. Domino

    The Division

    So I've now got 40 hours odd game play under my belt in 5 days, I've got a lvl 20 character and a lvl 17, so I've played the first half off the map twice (bf isn't letting me play on without him but I couldn't leave the game alone). The missions are all different and unique, side mission and encounters are a little repeatative - hostage rescue, securing supplies, killing targets etc, but that's expected. No different to playing 2fort or dust 2 for the 1000th time. I like the variety, you can choose to do different upgrades at your base to your mates, causing variation to your characters abilities, there's a lot of different types of item and weapon. My bf has gone down the AK toting high health balls deep all in route, and I'm a medically inclined squishy sniper (who constantly has to save his ass). The story line is pretty awesome, some evil dude makes a small pox type thing for lols, government awakens the division to try and sort it out. Some other party tries to kill everyone. Some fights in game are between 3-4 parties which is quite fun. Thugs, cleaners, JtF, your own squad, others agents etc. Outside of the story line is the dark zone, with its own levelling system. Allows pvp and pve, with every pve enemy being a mini boss or boss, it's harder. You can't just walk out the door with loot either, you have to call a chopper in and fight to get your gear out. Dying means losing everything you looted plus money and xp. The story has nice depth to it. There's a lot of shit to read and watch, loads of phone calls to listen to, people's lives to hear about. Some of its a little grim, I'm quite squeamish, it's not all happy! For me, it relates most to borderlands in terms of rpg and style, with the look and feel of battlefield. I've been asked multiple times by people 'is it worth it?' And I'll asnswer the same every time. If you have the money to throw away on it and you'll think you'll play it, go for it. I only got it cos my bf asked me to, I didn't think I would like if, now I play it more than him!
  13. RIP my pc.

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    2. Domino


      Fuck off si XD

    3. fever


      My own detotation....thanx

    4. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      M8, contain your explosions.

      Domino, welcome to the club. My third power supply in 2 years. Hope it'll survive longer, now. xD

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