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  1. Anyway, at least my forums's title is called Battle Realms. The LifetimeStream thing is a subscription service I made to make money to run the forums' server. I've made more than $6,000 dollars with that service. It's enough to run the forums for 8 years or more on a dedicated server and the extra money goes to Battle Realms tournament prize and for my time. Quantum Theories are just one categories of the forums and it will be move to www.hobbytalks.net soon. The main focus of the br-forums is for Battle Realms. I will add the download section soon. I've made another forums called www.hobbytalks.net for all general other stuff (this forums is barely a week old and no advertisement yet on it). I will move these members from br-forums to that forums soon. I currently own 6 forums so I can always move members to other forums.
  2. Sorry, But I really forgot my old account's password. I have tried resetting the password but I don't know which email it is associated to. Then I found out this account "Unknown" I've made a very long time ago which is associated with my original email. As you may see, the joined date of this account i'm using right now is Member Since 06 May 2006 The reason I've made a new BR-site instead of being active on this one is because this forums has lack of moderation. The main focus of this forums is LotusClan.com and I want to make one specifically for Battle Realms. I've been voted by the expert players's community in gameranger to make a new forums because I have the most interesting videos on Youtube. Gregor8356, thank you for welcome me back, but I'm always here. Just don't post.
  3. Hi, I would like to let you guys know that we have a new Battle Realms forums at www.br-forums.com This forums is made specially for Battle Realms. It is has Battle Realms theme. The link is www.br-forums.com br-forums has all the pros player currently in there and we are playing online together using gameranger. Regards,
  4. Oh my God.. There are 3 ASsASin in here! Ban all!
  5. Sakura (TERA) = Lotus Kakashi (Who's this?!?!) = Serpent Mani (Me!) = Lotus Spider (It's Ben's cousin, Am I right?) = Serpent Long game.
  6. Duh, try to use the complete name of it and take the screenshot of the stats, you wont see the first part because her name is very long... That's simple, think before reacting. tsk.
  7. Hey Tera, that was really you. I am serious. You was very good though.
  8. Interesting, I think I should sign-up. I only use friendster before.
  9. Why did you post this? Is that you say it's for practice only? How come you posting our practice game?
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