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  1. MrDongles#1612 Even tho I've been sucked in by World of Warcraft I still play a bit. Currently at about 2800 elo for ranked.
  2. MrDongles

    Useful tips etc

    Had some random guy spectating me when I was playing Ana the other day. He let me know that when you're scoped in her bullets will hit your target instantly and while no-scoping your bullets will have travel time. Basically hit-scan vs projectile I think.
  3. TF2 competitive was a joke from the beginning. That's what you get when you try to push a "serious" game mode on a mostly free to play casual audience. I haven't touched Overwatch competitive since the day the mode came out. The rules in place, and some bugs, never gave a sense of satisfaction or fairness (maybe not the right word) even when winning. The slow progression of rank, people leaving, and coin flip/sudden death things deterred me from playing it. I cannot see TF2 competitive ever becoming good unless they start from scratch. OW will eventually be good but I'm not touching it until that point.
  4. TF2 subreddit is going crazy right now lol. Every other post is about how removing Quickplay was an awful decision and that Casual needs to be improved. Part of their front page right now:
  5. MrDongles


    Basic windows theme seemed to do the trick, thanks. I do the same, play on all low when I could do all high settings. Gets rid of some shrubbery so you can see better lol
  6. MrDongles


    People are already getting perma banned for doing that lol. One of the hotfixes they pushed out is killing my framerate. Usually get anywhere from 60-85. But now I'm getting big drops from 85 down to 50, or even single digits, in one big chunk if there is more than one player one my screen. I'm even getting frame issues on the hero select screen. Christ I leave town for 2 days and the game seems worse off since I left :/
  7. MrDongles


    I think move it. Just put everything one place. Think there is already another thread with the same name in the other games overwatch section tho. But that one is inactive pretty much. Not sure if that is an issues at all.
  8. MrDongles


    Got 64 going 8 and 2. Think I've dropped to 61 tho :/
  9. MrDongles


    I think I'm gonna play this seasons competitive very little at its current state. Currently there is a bug where you receive very little rank progression when winning/losing on a KOTH map. Yet when you win/lose on a payload or hybrid map you get what I assume is "normal" rank progression. Many people were speculating if this was intended or not but Jeff commented that it is in fact a bug here I don't want to play a game for any period of time to just get almost not experience for my rank. I'm sure they will fix it in due time. But until then it's quick play for me.
  10. MrDongles

    Let's Play a Game

    Then Spiderman came and ruined everything
  11. I got out of Hanamura by accident trying to set up an edgy Reaper flank. https://gfycat.com/ColorfulSimilarKilldeer
  12. Finally got my diploma. So, who's hiring? GIVE ME MONEY PLS

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    2. MrDongles


      I have about a weeks worth of knowledge of Python. Am I qualified now?

    3. koKo_


      maybe to teach my computer science course

    4. fever


      Lecturers are a strange bunch. One of mine was clearly just another guy who did a few years real world experience then went teaching. Another guy worked for 30 years for IBM and NASA. I got the NASA guy as my personal tutor for my final year project. He played some real hardball.

  13. if any of you are curious of your stats this is a great site to use. https://watcher.gg/ Just put in your Battlenet ID. I used to be 25th with most Eliminations in a single game, but now im 605th
  14. Name: kbyjvimfblyf Account ID: [u:1:346746787] Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198307012515/ Length: Forever Reason: Aimbotting Server: Badwater | East Coast | Demo: https://www.mediafire.com/?4gs69g3s1ur199e Haven't done one of these in a while. Super obvious aimbotting.
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