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  1. {Dark}KaBuKI

    Happy New Year, Anybody Still Playing Br?

    Hello everyone, long time no see. Happy New Year. I hope everyone is doing well, is anyone still playing BR Online?
  2. Thank you everyone. I haven't been here in so long

  3. {Dark}KaBuKI

    Im Back!

    Hey sup, i haven't been on this site in a long time. I quit gaming but i still love battle realms . I might play it in gameranger i heard a lot of people playing there. i might talk to yami and see wats up if he playin' there.
  4. Happy birthday dude!!...

  5. {Dark}KaBuKI

    Burning With Smoke Bombs This Cheat Or No ?

    oh this is new to me
  6. wow...your a premium user....:)

  7. {Dark}KaBuKI

    [lord] Clan Victory Screenshot

    when was that because i have not launched ko in almost 2 months
  8. {Dark}KaBuKI

    Its Snowing

    oh yeah i wish i could move to Florida too.
  9. {Dark}KaBuKI

    Moderator Nominations

    Hey zymeth, i think this nomination should be over. This forum topics seem to be going out of hand and no one is doing nothing about it.
  10. Download this version and there will be no need to add no cd crack it's already included. http://www.2shared.com/file/1615510/4ea8fd...rofthewolf.html
  11. {Dark}KaBuKI

    Rating Of The Best 10 Players

    Yeah he is the biggest idiot this forum has. I won't wasted my time having a discussion with that little kid.
  12. {Dark}KaBuKI

    Something New

    I just don't know how to bring back the samurai.
  13. {Dark}KaBuKI

    For All The Diablo2 Fans Out There

    you are a beast at modding. I hope you become a pro programmer.
  14. {Dark}KaBuKI

    Hey Guys, Long Time No See

    Hahaha yeah wolfi got addicted to ko, i still remember kicking his ass I'm happy i quit ko. Pm me in msn wolf if you want to play gay