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  1. For all the fresh updates concerning BR and its community, consider joining the Discord Community Server. That's the best way to find out new BR related information.

  2. BRR Project lead here. 1.50r FoV is no different from 1.50q FoV. Resolution patch won't work with 1.50r as the two are different executables. The answer to your question is "no", use either one, there's no way to change the fov. And I personally advise to use the resolution patch as BRR project is no longer a thing that's worked on.
  3. 1.50r patch for Battle Realms:Winter Of The Wolf has just been released by the BRR team.


    1. BRJoker
    2. Gregor8356


      Ok where is that patch ?

      There is only list of changes

    3. BRJoker


      "Files' section.

  4. What can I say...

    Battle Realms Revival Team is about to release an updated version of Battle Realms. If anyone's still interested in everything BR, I suggest visiting the BR Discord.

    I, sadly, have never been active on the BR part of these forums and I doubt I'll ever be since nowadays the activity is equal to zero.

    The Discord server will always be maintained as well as the BR wikia. So check it out some time.


    - KoMiKoZa

    Скачать видео


  5. Are the forums gonna shut down soon? What is happening, anyone?

    1. Shoot2Kill


      I thought it was abandoned entirely, it seems sign ups do not work any more, I tried to make an account in December, lucky I was able to access my old account in the end.

    2. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      They're not down yet, especially with the Battle Realms section still getting regular traffic.
      It's just sometimes a bit hard to get to the guy running the site when stuff crashes... ;)

  6. Hey there, in case you ever see this message, I wanted to ask if you still work on anything related to BR? Any progress?

    1. PCs Headshoot

      PCs Headshoot

      I'm working on new maps and thought about upgrading some of the campaign-maps i found here. But I think none of them will be completed during the next month. 

    2. Blankname


      Hey mate, long time no see

      I have came back to BR 2 days ago and i have some interesting news to share: an unofficial italian and spanish translation for WOTW is in the works!

      Do you still use Skype? or how can i get in contact with you

    3. BRJoker


      Yeah! I don't use skype, but I use discord: KoMiKoZa#0754 . It's better than Skype all around.

      Hit me up there!


  7. I am KoMiKoZa and thanks for sharing the information on here. Although now it's quite outdated and I suggest this topic should be deleted.
  8. Thanks for still showing interest in making the BR maps! Much appreciated! ^_^

  9. Hello! I was finally able to find something really really... golden. Jackpot! It's the Battle Realms Widescreen support hack/fix/patch and a program that changes Field Of View in the game (even on 4:3/5:4). I've decided to inform everyone about this amazing find, so here you are. This is the original site with the patch. This is an archive recompiled by me with instructions. HOORAY! REJOICE! Please, unpin the "Custom Resolution Patch" because it doesn't work properly and pin this instead, because this is exactly what people have been asking for. Attention: Works only with Winter Of The Wolf (A.k.a. 1.50q a.k.a. the latest GAME VERSION since 2002).

    1. Se7en


      Go to the low side of the page and do this

      Change to Carbon


    2. BRJoker


      Thanks for the tip! :)

  11. What you described is the same as blank minimap. It's a conflict between the game and your videocard. Assuming you have nVIDIA, go to its control panel, 3D settings tab, set antialising to 8x (or less, experiment with it) and set it to "override application". This should fix it.
  12. Battle Realms Retrospection:

  13. Battle Realms' first steam beta- testing phase has started. KoMiKoZa has already acquired the access to BR on Steam. All 16 slots for beta got already reserved.

    1. Gregor8356


      Great :) we waiting for the info from your side

    2. BRJoker


      No info will be provided until mid-late January. :)

    3. Gregor8356
  14. BR Clan Soundtracks in 4 separate mixes: http://goo.gl/VfKmKk

    1. Gregor8356


      any news do you know is this true date of realse Battle Realms 2 is set to 2015.12.31

  15. So your screen is stuck in a certain area? Screenshots needed indeed... Or a video in this case? Try this: Edit-> Program Options-> "Far Clip Plane" to the maximum. Tinker with the scroll speed a bit. Try switching to game camera view (G hotkey).
  16. Thank you for taking the time to explain. But as we are aware, your forums are not only BR- related, there are many discussions about very unrelated-to-BR stuff like Quantum Theories, for example. And many people who don't know about BR register at the forums because of the LifeStream thing. Which looks more out-of-the-place (to us at least) than the stuff on LotusClan. So there's basically no difference between this and your forum, LotusClan has it's own topic branch fully dedicated to BR. Same goes for the "lack of moderation". What's to moderate on here? Everyone is allowed to make topics, no spam here as well. + You can always ask @Mana for moderating privileges. Not sure about the vote- system either. Weird reasoning. Have you told them about these forums in the first place? But let's leave it for now. Anyway, we're admired by the amount of work you've done on your forums and we can only wish you a good luck!
  17. Hello, Ben. May BRJokerz ask you why would you make another BR site instead of being active on this one? And why do you use different account to advertise it?
  18. Synchronization means the game should work in the same way for every player . If someone has modified game files that may influence on the game mechanics, the sync-error will happen. Share your AI with friends better, just like maps.
  19. "Couldn't connect" may mean a lot of different things. You need to be more particular about it, then we can help you to fix the problems.
  20. They will need to have the maps. It will ask them to download from you, but the gamespy file transfer is incredibly slow mostpart of the time. So it's better that you share the maps on google drive for example and let others download them.
  21. Hello. Please, use GameRanger. You can find many players there.
  22. Hey guys, there's been a new update on Battle Realms Steam Integration. Battle Realms is READY FOR TESTING! steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/311702665/1440610233

  23. Elaborate, please. The question why AI doesn't make Necromancer has been bothering BRJokerz for quite a long time. What do you mean by "entity" and why should it be replaced? Any way to make Necromancer work normally for Serpent AI's?
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