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  1. Thanks, after doing some testing it seems fine.
  2. I'm working on an update for my Hero Upgrades mod, but I'm at the point where I'm running out of ability slots to use. Does anyone know if the Necromancer's immunity ability (type 84) does anything? I'd like to replace it if it isn't used.
  3. For some reason my Battle Realms Data Editor didn't actually save my changes. I tried it on a different computer and it should be working now. Dragon Kenji replaces Kazan, and Serpent Kenji replaces Budo.
  4. Oops, sorry about that! I put a link to the Kenji version (without the sound files) in the first post and will put it in the main file as well. Edit: The main file is now updated to include the Kenji version.
  5. The new version is up. I couldn't fix the minimap color problem or zombie population problem, but it adds Tarrant, the Dragon, and the White Wolf. There is also a separate version that includes Kenji for the Dragon and Serpent clans.
  6. The links are in the first post. They both have the dat files, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Thanks for the feedback kevrome. I think I updated this a while ago but never made it available for download, so I might address whatever issues I can in a new version. From what I remember, I was able to give each clan a 10 yin/yang super unit (Nightvol for the Lotus, Dragon for the Dragon, White Wolf for the Wolf, and Tarrant for the Serpent), so it probably isn't as balanced. Here are my responses: 1. I'm not sure why the AI wouldn't use heroes. I haven't changed any of their yin/yang costs, so the AI should use the regular heroes at least. 2. That's a problem with the model. I can't fix it, but if you set the detail to High instead of Very High, it will use the old models. 3. I think I forgot to switch it back to the healing one when I was testing it, so I will make sure to put it back. 4. Do you mean for Kenji's Journey and skirmish games, or just skirmish games? 5. I can change that. 6. I'll look into this one, but I'm not sure if I can fix it.
  7. Is there such a mod that does that, then? The most I've been able to do is make things show up in the World Master by switching some values around, but it doesn't work in game.
  8. This is a mod that makes it so that all heroes now get techniques like regular units. Since I wanted to go with upgrades that made sense to each hero, some heroes get more upgrades than others. The main features are: 1. Techniques/upgrades for most heroes. Some heroes benefit more than others, but now they're generally much better later in the game. 2. Monks and Ninja can get different battle gear based on their clan. 3. The Lotus clan can use Zymeth to summon the Nightvol for 10 yin, who now has working sounds from the campaign. 4. The Dragon clan can use Otomo to summon the Dragon for 10 yang 5. The Wolf clan can use Greyback to summon the White Wolf for 8 yang 6. The Serpent clan can use Shinja to summon Tarrant for 10 yin 7. Some heroes can get battle gears that suit them (ie. Arah can get long-range fire arrows, Wolf clan heroes can get Shale Armor). 8. Changes to the Nightvol and Hordelings to make them more challenging in the campaign Installation: 1. IMPORTANT - MAKE BACKUPS OF Battle Realms.dat (located in the main Battle Realms folder) and SpeechFX.H2O (located in the Sounds folder) 2. Move the included Battle Realms.dat from the mod package to your main Battle Realms folder 3. Move the included SpeechFX.H2O from the mod package to your Battle Realm's Sound folder 4. Start a new game - most changes won't work on save games Full changes: Download Links: Main file (with sound): http://www.mediafire.com/download/i8new1g5iapbp5s/BattleRealms_HeroesUpdgradeV2.7z Kenji Version only (no sound): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ozibliatsr8dakr/HeroUpgradesV2_WithKenji.7z
  9. That's a problem with the texture mask. What you'll need to do to fix it is to go to Data_Units, go to the monk, and set MaskTextureName_HighLOD to something else (ie. U_Ninja_Mask_HP.tga works really well, or Blank_Mask.tga if you don't mind not having team colors).
  10. It's an easy thing to change. Get SITUVN's data editor, open it, select your Battle Realms.dat. On the left, look for Data_GameLOD. Under Type, go to 4 (Very High detail) and change ModelLODLevel to 0.
  11. It worked! I didn't have to replace or rename any sounds, I just added them to SpeechFX.H2O and changed some of the references in Data_SpeechFX in Battle Realms.dat. Thanks again!
  12. What I want to do is replace most of Nighvol's regular sounds with his campaign sounds. For example, when he dies, I want him to play nightvol_0270.wav, which is his "I am always here" line. For a kill taunt, I'd like him to use nightvol_0220.wav, which is "we use the servant against the master." When the player order him to attack, I want him to play nightvol_0460.wav, which is "their time is over." Any Battle Realms.dat that has a unit that uses sounds from Unaligned_Dialogue.H2O or any of the other dialogue files would be enough for me. Thanks again for your advice.
  13. Thanks Gregor, that answers most of my questions. By the ball and chain effect, I mean the one that's attached to the wolf clan slaves in Winter of the Wolf's campaign. For the reserved unit sounds, I used SITUVN's editor to look at Data_UnitSpeechFXEvents. Types 9-18 are supposed to be for the reserved units, but when I look, 9-18 aren't there. It goes from 1-8, and then 19-144. For the campaign unit sounds, how do I choose them? When I try replacing something like NIGHTVOL_0090A.wav (which is type 505 in Data_SpeechFX) with nightvol_0200.wav from Unaligned_Dialogue.H2O, it doesn't work.
  14. I'm working on my own mod and have a bunch of questions. 1. Does anyone know where to find the ball and chain effect in Battlerealms.dat? I was hoping to make a new BG that would attach the chain to a unit to stop them from moving. 2. Is it possible to make the reserved units use different sounds when they fight? It seems like they use random character sounds and eventually crash the game because a sound is missing. 3. Is it possible to use the sounds from other files like Unaligned_Dialogue.H2O without editing any H2O files? 4. Is it possible to limit the number of units that come out of a building? I looked at the Necromancer's Throne and copied its ability for Nightvol, but extra Nighvols still come out. 5. How did Marcello make that fog of war mod for Battle_Realms_F.exe? Would it be possible to make other changes to the game that way?
  15. Hi SITUVN. I'm not sure when you'll read this, but I wanted to thank you for your amazing tool. It makes modding so much easier than with hex editing. Thanks for all your hard work, and I hope everything goes well!
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