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  1. Troll

    Anyone play D&D?

    time to confuse me even more
  2. Troll

    Anyone play D&D?

    do someone say 90's
  3. Troll

    Anyone play D&D?

    i can do tomorrow, but then next week i wont be around for it
  4. Troll

    Anyone play D&D?

    im happy to do w/e, obviously i'll only be around every other week
  5. Troll

    Anyone play D&D?

    I won't be around be for the 7th, but I'll be able to do the week after, I can play every other week since I work 1 day at the weekend, my character is mostly done, I'll link you my sheet once I get home todau so you can give it the once over and so I can add stuff if I've missed any I posted this in discord aswel incase you don't check it
  6. Troll

    Anyone play D&D?

    If someone could link me to something, where i can see whats available to choose from
  7. Troll

    Anyone play D&D?

    account has been made
  8. Troll

    Anyone play D&D?

    Well working mostly, and in what ever free time i have is mostly spent on WoW, or memeing with fever and deathy D
  9. Troll

    Anyone play D&D?

    sacrificial lamb, reporting for duty <O


    awwwww yisss

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