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  1. Bye dennis, i got fun with u, and ur top 10 was better...
  2. Is she spanish? She is like a famous singer spanish
  3. What player nekro? Terry? for me ok... and what think dennis?
  4. New member should be chose for we, not only i. Or u guys. Yesterday i see Domination in LorD, who let him in LorD? I was drunk and smurf name because when i play drunk i change my name, but i put this game because was very very funny. He was wolf and i serpent. I started making swordrush (bad swordrush) and drunk, and i finished with 3 nekro kill, a lot sniper in his base and no drunk (2H.) He quited but was good game.
  5. Wow, so u and kasedo re friend like me and hobbit, true kabuki? U two can see u? U play br in 1 hause anytimes?...
  6. Yes Nekro, i use all colour. In that moment i didnt know what colour i was. I use to use yellow but np other colour.
  7. I think ffa is ramdon, if two plawer atack missing, missing lose,... but i vote missing.
  8. 1. Kyle 2. ben 3. The_hobbit 4. Sora 5. masterdennis 6. Nekromant 7. baxter 8. yami 9. mimimimi 10. Oivazen
  9. I vote for Nekro, rundown and kabuki.
  10. Masterdennis all member of LorD re in my signature, can u see? (I dont know how i can sent a sms sorry)
  11. We need one solution, I have been without playing br 2 daaaayyssss!!!
  12. Omg I had a lot screenshots of nekro and me, zack and me, MuM and me but i formated my pc and i lose my screenshots grrrr... I want make more screenshots with u LegenD hehe
  13. stupid?...lol The ask of the life...why? Thx masterdennis but i dont wanna be Moderator because i have no time. I vote for masterdennis. Mana, why re u lotus clan leader? re u a pro lotus player? if you re pro lotus, i want 1v1 vs ur lotus.
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