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  1. Hey friends,

    I'am actually working on the map of the mine colony from the famous RPG Gothic I. There will be 3 camps to choose (3 players). Those of you who played the game will remember that your nameless hero had to collect the 5 focus stones wich where scattered all over the map. That is where our story begins: You are a nameless hero. You rule your own camp. And you want to escape out of the magical barrier surrounding the whole dale. For that you need the power of the famous focus stones.


    win conditions: you can win the game like always by destroying the other 2 camps. You can also win by holding control over 1 manned watchtower at 4/5 focus stones. So all 3 camps fighting for the control of those 5 points on the map. (I know there is no special win condition for that in the settings, so you need to communicate this to your opponents if you got control of those win points.)

    So here are the special rules:

    - your are not allowed to train female soldiers. (there are in fact 4 women in the world of Gothic I, so you are allowed to summon the female zen masters)

    - you don't have access to horses (there are no horses in Gothic I)

    1. PCs Headshoot

      PCs Headshoot

      The map is still in progress, but in tests it worked well. Even against AI it is pretty hard to defend 4 of those focus stones.


    2. BRJoker


      Looks like a neat idea! Special rules seem unnecessary though.

  2. Hey friends, i have some notifications for you:

    - I updated all my maps because there was a bug wich broke ingame map transfer. So I recommend to replace the old ones, even if they work well in singleplayer.

    - If there will be new versions of existing maps they will get the same file-name, so you can replace them quicker without searching in your levels folder.

    - I put all finished maps (7) in a map-bundle at the Battle Realms Discord. So people who don't like to register can get them, too: https://discord.gg/enBRxF5

    - I uploaded my 'Siege of Serpent Holm' map. Because all people who finished Kenji's Journey have seen the original i'm interested in your thoughts about this new interpretation. So leave a comment if you like.

  3. Hey Guys, here's a list of Battle Realms maps im working on from time to time (updated).

    upcoming new maps (no released files yet)

    • Caves                      (8 players / giant size)          progress : 50%
    • Feengrotten             (4 players / medium size)      progress : 60%
    • Steps of the Gods     (2 players / medium size)      progress : 40%
    • Spring of Life           (5 players / large size)           progress : 20%
    • Kenjis Decision         (6 players / large size)           progress : 20%
    • Hephaestus Mines     (4 players / medium size)      progress : 10%

    (nearly) finished maps

    • Darwinism                (2 players / medium size) 
    • Ancient Cemetery      (2 players / small size)
    • Thuringian Abbey      (4 players / medium size)
    • Smugglers Hideout    (2 players / tiny size)
    • Frozen Souls             (6 players / small size)
    • Broken Friendship      (2 players / medium size)
  4. How can I get approvals for uploaded maps when Mana is offline? There are other authorized users to contact?

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    2. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      I realised that after looking into it. ;)

      All good. As said, i didn't know, and assumed wrongly.

    3. Gregor8356


      ,looks like only Switch Gravity maps are aproved hm...


    4. Gregor8356


      its, good he made an updete of existing map ok

  5. Hi friends, don't worry about my anergic state in the last months. One new BR map is ready for testing. At the moment im working on a gigantic 8 player map, but it needs tons of time to finish it. But i think it will be a very interesting map, so stay tuned.

    1. INK :D

      INK :D

      Is there a link to the list of maps you've made? Can I please have it? :)

    2. PCs Headshoot

      PCs Headshoot

      Hey INK,

      Sorry for my late answer, I did not knew that someone can comment the status =)

      Nice to hear that you like my maps. This means a lot to me, because it needs so much time to create them.

      Till this day I created not very much maps. You can find the good ones in the download section in this forum, or in the 'files' section on my profile. I have created some more, but they need some revisions. But I will keep you informed if there are new uploads.

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