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  1. If anyone got a working version of this map, please contact the creator (Shoot2Kill) or me.
  2. Thank you for your feedback! This map is made for teamgames 3 vs 3. So the balancing is more an act of balancing the teams than balancing each individual position. The Serpent Holm position for example is smaller, with not much rice. The position near the swamp got a weaker position, but with lots of rice. Those 2 players are always in the same team like the 2 players around the northern bridge (always x nearby friends). The Ai is a bit weak on some positions, especially the 2 you mentioned. But for real players it is fine. If you ever play this map with friends in 3vs3 i would like to know if those things work or if you still not satisfied with the balancing. I will also keep an eye on this bridge...
  3. Thanks for your Feedback! I'm working on an upgraded and slightly changed version of this map, im still not satisfied with some areas. I will look at the positions were your units got stuck. However, sometimes Ai units stuck because bad pathfinding, this will normally not happen to human players.
  4. PCs Headshoot


    Thanks for your detailed feedback! I recognized the imbalances, i already made some changes to the starting positions (pic 1 and 2), besides other optical improvements. I did'nt want to allow players to build towers on the hills near the centre (pic 3 and 4) because it would be to easy to defend them. But i will double check those areas, too. The left player get additional building place at the coast, thats right. This is not completely balanced. I don't want to make the map completely symmetrical. So i will see if i can change some little thing here and there to balance that. But each player can build all buildings at your starting position, even with wolf clan.
  5. I appreciate your feedback. It is always heartwarming to hear those words. I will continue to make new maps and improve the existing ones. I will test out those mods, thanks for the tip!
  6. Hey friends,

    I'am actually working on the map of the mine colony from the famous RPG Gothic I. There will be 3 camps to choose (3 players). Those of you who played the game will remember that your nameless hero had to collect the 5 focus stones wich where scattered all over the map. That is where our story begins: You are a nameless hero. You rule your own camp. And you want to escape out of the magical barrier surrounding the whole dale. For that you need the power of the famous focus stones.


    win conditions: you can win the game like always by destroying the other 2 camps. You can also win by holding control over 1 manned watchtower at 4/5 focus stones. So all 3 camps fighting for the control of those 5 points on the map. (I know there is no special win condition for that in the settings, so you need to communicate this to your opponents if you got control of those win points.)

    So here are the special rules:

    - your are not allowed to train female soldiers. (there are in fact 4 women in the world of Gothic I, so you are allowed to summon the female zen masters)

    - you don't have access to horses (there are no horses in Gothic I)

    1. PCs Headshoot

      PCs Headshoot

      The map is still in progress, but in tests it worked well. Even against AI it is pretty hard to defend 4 of those focus stones.


    2. BRJoker


      Looks like a neat idea! Special rules seem unnecessary though.

    The over-all design is quite ok, could be improved, but it works well. Aside from the players bases the biggest part of the map is made of chokepoints. It would be cool to have at least one bigger open field (maybe at the centre next to the big mountain) with wood or grassland, maybe horses there? It's nice to provoke big battles in chokepoints, but so nobody can go for sneak attacks. That also weakens the meele fighters (for example: a lotus army with dark canopy is invincible in those chokepoints, what can be really annoying because you don't got other ways to attack. Same for most of the other strong ranged units like cannoneers). So i recommend to create more open fields and less chokepoints for the sake of more tactical options.
  7. View File Siege of Serpent Holm 3 vs 3 1 team has to besiege the old stronghold of the serpent clan. If the poison of the interwined vipers will be enough to paralyze their invaders? Layout based on the original Serpent Holm from Kenji's Journey. It works pretty well as a teamgame 3 vs 3. Don't forget to X nearby friends. It works in free-for-all as well, but it's a bit unbalanced. I hope you enjoy playing this map. Feel free to contact me for constructive criticism, questions and suggestions. Headshoot Submitter PCs Headshoot Submitted 10/12/18 Category Maps  
  8. If you like i can make a pack of different sorts of Ai for different game modes, map sizes or characters. I think it would be cool to have some special Ai for keep or hunger crisis mode.
  9. Hey Guys, i know this topic is really old, but if you want to create an ai profile then there are some facts you should know: In general it is true that an ai with low stats will be weaker then one with high stats. But if you want a pretty strong ai it is not the best to simply set all stats to 100, because if you boost one stat you could weaken another one, even if both set to 100. The following stats will weaken your ai if you set them too high: Aggressiveness - Exploration - Harassment: The Ai fields 3 different types of squads: Exploration squads are small (often 3-6 units) and wandering a lot around. They are good to find hidden bases, but otherwise they roaming around without purpose and if they hit your base they are too weak do damage. Harassment squads have similar size (around 4-10 units). They will attack or flank you base, and doing so better then the explorers, but if you got some towers for protection they can not really harm you. The last squad type are the real army (at least 8-30 units). In the most cases this is the only squad type that can fight your base and win. Aggressiveness means how large the main force of the Ai will get before it starts the attack. So 100 will make them really aggressive, so they attack quick, but with not many units. If you want an Ai that attacks with really big armies you should lower this stat. Exploration means how many explorer squads the ai will send. It is important for the Ai to know where your base is, but after that they are kind of useless. So here you can choose a lower number. Same with Harassment squads. Keep in mind that all the units in explorer and harassment squads are missing in their main force. Hero Usage: Heroes are pretty strong. So a high value in this stat will make the forces of the Ai much more powerful. They can add heroes to all 3 different types of squads, so you can't do much wrong here. But there is a big problem: Heroes costs Yin/Yang points. So if you set your Hero Usage value too high, your Ai will spam heroes if it can, even monks/ninjas, and this will cause a heavy lack of technologies. The troopers simply get no upgrades because there are no resources for that. Instead they will send explorer squads of for example 1 hero guarded by 3 units to ... roam around or attack your base ... and die. A value of 100 will confront you with some heroes, but in long therm the Ai army lack important upgrades. I recommend to choose nothing higher then 60 here. If you want a tough Ai that attacks quick and powerful you can argue to set this value to 0, so all Yin/Yang points will be invested in unit upgrades / undead brothers / dragon strike. Healer Usage - Battle Gear Usage: The Ai likes to add healers to all 3 types of squads. So if you got a high Healer Usage value together with high Exploration, then you will get lots of small geisha squads who stride around the map and die to everything. A high value in Battle Gear Usage is a good thing that makes the units much stronger, but costs also lots of resources. So if you want an Ai that attacks really quick and brutal, set this to a lower value, so the Ai get more resources for higher tier units, more buildings and so on. So the typical set-all-to-100-method will give you a strong Ai, but that's neither one thing nor the other.
  10. Hey friends, i have some notifications for you:

    - I updated all my maps because there was a bug wich broke ingame map transfer. So I recommend to replace the old ones, even if they work well in singleplayer.

    - If there will be new versions of existing maps they will get the same file-name, so you can replace them quicker without searching in your levels folder.

    - I put all finished maps (7) in a map-bundle at the Battle Realms Discord. So people who don't like to register can get them, too: https://discord.gg/enBRxF5

    - I uploaded my 'Siege of Serpent Holm' map. Because all people who finished Kenji's Journey have seen the original i'm interested in your thoughts about this new interpretation. So leave a comment if you like.

  11. Version 1.2


    3 vs 3 1 team has to besiege the old stronghold of the serpent clan. If the poison of the interwined vipers will be enough to paralyze their invaders? Layout based on the original Serpent Holm from Kenji's Journey. It works pretty well as a teamgame 3 vs 3. Don't forget to X nearby friends. It works in free-for-all as well, but it's a bit unbalanced. I hope you enjoy playing this map. Feel free to contact me for constructive criticism, questions and suggestions. Headshoot
  12. Hey Guys, here's a list of Battle Realms maps im working on from time to time (updated).

    upcoming new maps (no released files yet)

    • Caves                      (8 players / giant size)          progress : 50%
    • Feengrotten             (4 players / medium size)      progress : 60%
    • Steps of the Gods     (2 players / medium size)      progress : 40%
    • Spring of Life           (5 players / large size)           progress : 20%
    • Kenjis Decision         (6 players / large size)           progress : 20%
    • Hephaestus Mines     (4 players / medium size)      progress : 10%

    (nearly) finished maps

    • Darwinism                (2 players / medium size) 
    • Ancient Cemetery      (2 players / small size)
    • Thuringian Abbey      (4 players / medium size)
    • Smugglers Hideout    (2 players / tiny size)
    • Frozen Souls             (6 players / small size)
    • Broken Friendship      (2 players / medium size)
    Good idea and design, but keep in mind: - those maps don't really work with AI - the walking distance for the peasents gathering rice is very long, so if one player get control over the swamps its hard to comeback for the others. For some people thats ok, for some its annoying.
    Im sorry, but this is the wrong place for this propaganda. Iran NEVER attacked a nation in its history. Israel owns weapons of mass destruction, too, like the most states in this area. Please read something about the iranian history and the religious conflicts between the different flows of the islam.
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