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    mapping for old games (Battle Realms / Age of Empires / Empire Earth)
    game sound & adaptive sound systems
    film score
    lucid dreaming

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  1. Hey friends, i have some notifications for you:

    - I updated all my maps because there was a bug wich broke ingame map transfer. So I recommend to replace the old ones, even if they work well in singleplayer.

    - If there will be new versions of existing maps they will get the same file-name, so you can replace them quicker without searching in your levels folder.

    - I put all finished maps (7) in a map-bundle at the Battle Realms Discord. So people who don't like to register can get them, too: https://discord.gg/enBRxF5

    - I uploaded my 'Siege of Serpent Holm' map. Because all people who finished Kenji's Journey have seen the original i'm interested in your thoughts about this new interpretation. So leave a comment if you like.

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