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  1. ok daysh will block now that noob ever think which can play with all but haahah as always its wrong
  2. wtf dunk i'm tired translate this
  3. all noobs like me ? that mean all players who in ur blocklist kill u easy nyhahaahahh stop play br noob
  4. okk noob i tired about u tell and show ur nickname in gr to me i will block and everything will good
  5. idiot, i didn't learned english in my school there i learned french and i learning english only in BR if u have teachers and other conveniences to learn english but i learning self
  6. what a wrong here ? or something like this there no "i like" only "like" and what u mean about HE CAN'T REALLY UNDERSTAND ENGLISH or you are another stupid idiot that live in USA or Australia and thinks that all people know very good english ?
  7. i don't care about u and people that dont respect me or something like this i care about people which i respect
  8. yes i know some people dont play 1 v 1 but it's a little , maybe a few persons not as said alvz only himself, cp and sora ready to 1 v1 i remember they too said "i'm tired, or was much games 1v1 today" and how alvz mean if play much team games u bad in 1 v 1 - really wrong it's will be true - when player never play 1 v 1 guys make tourney and enjoy what a problem ??
  9. wow 1 game ??? i thought yesterday was 2 games or wolf vs serp for u is not game ?
  10. haha did u recorded who sucked today ????? u cant kill wolf i gave ur loving game serp vs serp, but u got fault too or i was lucky ? or u was unlucky ? remember if people dont want play 1 v 1 - that dont mean that they scared about you and u know english good, hehe good for u,but english is ur state language my state is belarusian and russian, so do u know some 1 word from this languages ? seems no so shut up
  11. what the fuck u says nigga man u really lost respect from me i sucked 1 v 1 vs u ??? seems u sucked why i must agree every times with 1 v 1 ? for example i played 5 games 1 v1 before and now u say lets 1 v1 i say no - that mean im scared ??? dam better get better play than says here shit better get out u i'm sure no one person don't need u
  12. Drunk drunk drunk

  13. wow i'm on top heh thanks but i see u first time what is ur username ?
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